Friday, December 5, 2014

The Ultimate Gift Guide

My final gift guide is quite special because all of the items on it were chosen by my most stylish friends.  I wanted to put together the ultimate gift guide for girls in their twenties, so I thought who better to ask then a bunch of girls in their twenties.  This list is filled with items for all price points and are all sure to please!

Girl's Gift Guide
Recommended by: Shannon, 23, Physical Therapy Grad Student (Twitter: @shannonsamluk)
Shannon swears by her Clarisonic for glowing skin.  This item has a cult following and any  beauty junkie is sure to love it.  The fun part about this is that in comes in a wide variety of colors, which means you can get her her favorite color!

Recommended by: Angela, 21, Nursing Student (Twitter: @angelina314)
Angela always has the prettiest eye makeup and inspired me to get my first Naked Palette (I have the second one and I love it!).  The Naked Palettes have a cult following of their own and because of their neutral colors they are perfect for anyone from makeup beginners to those more advanced.  Angela says, they're "the perfect combo of neutral colors that can be used for everyday or for more dramatic evening looks!"

Recommended by: Georgette, 21, Business Student (Twitter: georgettelaw26)
It's no surprise that Georgette wants one of the most popular accessories for the colder months. While Georgette said she would like any scarf, I chose this Lilly one because I think that it is adorable (well that and Georgette is the ultimate Lilly girl!).

Recommended by: Lia, 22, Research Assistant (Instagram: @liadanielle1)
L'Occitane products are always super luxe as they are made with the finest ingredients.  This super moisturizing body cream is free of parabens and sure to make skin soft as silk!

Recommended by: Bridget, 19, Sociology Student (Twitter: @bridgetthomp)
This works as both an eyeliner and eyeshadow so it's really a 2 in 1.  I've heard nothing but wonderful reviews of these and a Smudge Pot would go really well with one of the Naked Palettes.

Recommended by: Jenn, 23, Social Work Student (Instagram: @jenndefazio)
Jenn loves all things LUSH, which is something we have in common.  I honestly have never tried a product from LUSH that I haven't loved and usually have several of their products in rotation at any given time.  Jenn says her favorite products are any of the bath items, especially the bath bombs.  The bath bombs would make a great stocking stuffer or if you're looking for an item that is a little more, a gift card is the way to go so your recipient can have fun picking out something for herself!

Recommended by: Briana, 20, Geography Student (Twitter: bsquared_94)
When I asked Briana what fashion or beauty item she would want for Christmas she instantly responded a Kate Spade watch.  With all the pretty designs it's hard to pick just one!

Recommended by: Jordyn, 22, Founder of The Fairy Princess Diaries (Twitter: @fairy_princessj)
A GlamGlow mask is a splurge item, which makes it the perfect gift for someone special.  This mud mask is professional quality and "works with the body's natural moisturizing collagen to provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer."  This is a particularly great pick for a girl who loves taking care of her skin!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. The Clarasonic and the naked palates would be awesome gifts!! Such a good list!

  2. All of these items are such wonderful gifts! I am obsessed with my clarisonic (now if I could only find it in my storage unit...) and the Naked palettes are so versatile. Now I'm dying to get my hands on that glamglow mask!

  3. These are great gift ideas!! I haven't tried the Clarisonic before, but I'm really tempted by those.

    Also, I just got Naked 2 and I love it :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. I am loving that watch. And the Glam Glow definitely sounds intriguing. Nice gifting post


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