Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Every Body is Beautiful

I hate explaining why I haven't been here in a while because it drives me insane that I haven't been able to blog consistently and it always feels like it comes off as an excuse.  Nevertheless over the last week and a half I have been swarmed with schoolwork (currently finals!) and really not feeling well, which means this post is coming to you almost a week late.  The reason I decided to still write this post is because the topic is something that causes controversy when it first takes place, but then seems to die down after only a few days.  However this topic is something that is still important after the initial discussions dissipate, and for this reason I'm actually glad that I'm late to the game.
So I'm sure you have already figured out what I want to discuss today; the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was aired on television a week ago today.  This showing always causes an uprise for a few different reasons, I think the two most talked about topics are the fact that people feel it degrades women and that it leads to body image issues for the women watching.  I have my own take on these two topics that I wanted to share today.  I want to prelude my post though by saying that I'm not trying to push my opinions off on anyone or to offend anyone, I'm simply using my little space to express my views on the subject.

Topic #1: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Degrades Women
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an event that I've watched for over ten years now and is something I look forward to every year.  The Fashion Show is so glittery and glamorous, and something that I think is a lot of fun to watch.  The models are these insanely gorgeous women who wear the most amazing lingerie; my absolute favorite part of the fashions are the stunning wings - it always seems like each set tops the last.  However, many people feel that supermodels walking around in underwear for millions to see is quite demeaning, which is something I do not agree with.
I like to look at this aspect of the fashion show in a unique way.  I think that these women are wearing beautiful fashions that have been worked on for months, the fact that they happen to be minimal does not detract from this.  Next, they are walking in this highly choreographed show, a show that is meant to be sexy, fun, and the epitome of glamour.  These women walk with such confidence showing other women that they too should be confident in their underwear.  The models in the show voluntarily audition for it and are so excited to be in it because it is such an honor in the fashion industry.  
I think that instead of looking at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as demeaning to women, it should be looked at as empowering.  It shows women how to be confident and have fun while being sexy.

Topic #2: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Leads to Poor Body Image
The thing that bothers me the most about the aftermath of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the constant bashing of the models and their bodies.  I feel like everyone puts emphasis on the fact that the models are "too thin" and don't have "realistic" body types.  However in actuality the models do have realistic body types because their bodies are real.  These women do diet and exercise more then the average person, but if it was your job to model underwear wouldn't you do the same?  I know I would.  I would want to know that I was making the best effort to make myself look my best and feel comfortable in this situation, just like I would want to put my best foot forward in any other job.
The thing that people don't understand is that bashing people who are thin is the exact same thing as bashing people who are overweight.  There are a variety of different body types, but I feel like we are only told to love our curves, but what about the girls out there who don't have any?  They should be taught to love their bodies too, not feel ashamed for being what others deem "too thin".  
I can tell you from personal experience that being bashed for being skinny is hurtful.  I am a naturally tiny person and that in combination with food allergies and Crohn's disease leaves me on the thinner side.  I think there have been two different comments that I have gotten from people that I have found the most disturbing.  First, and most common, I have had people tell me that I am so lucky that I have Crohn's and food allergies because I will always be thin.  I'm not sure on what planet that having very limited food choices and a serious disease is a positive thing, but multiple people have been bold enough to tell me this.  The second thing is that I have been asked if I have an eating disorder because somehow being thin automatically leads people to this conclusion.  I don't understand why people think these are acceptable things to say, but in society it has been deemed ok to bash people who are thin.
Models are subjected to this kind of bashing every day, and while they do put themselves out there, no body type should be bashed.  While some models may be a bit too thin and their body type is not the most common out there, it is still a body type and we should be promoting positive body image for all women, no matter their size.
These are my feelings on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  This fashion show is a fun performance that combines fashion and music.  It is a fun and sexy time that encourages women to be confident and is quite entertaining to watch.  I encourage you to think about what I've written here the next time you read something with conflicting views.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I think it is important to look at all sides of the issue.  So what are your feelings on the Victoria's Secret Fashion show?

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  1. I actually don't watch the VS Fashion Show, but I totally agree with you on so many levels. Especially about the whole thin/overweight bashing. It's all the same and it's hurtful. Can't everyone just get along and be happy with themselves?! Happiness and confidence in oneself is the best kind of sexy and doesn't come in a certain size in my opinion. :)

  2. I totally agree with you on all these levels! Thank you for sharing!


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