Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Santorini Part III

So here we are at another Travel Tuesday, and I am sharing more pictures from my stay on Santorini!  I was going to make today my final Travel Tuesday post until I take another trip, however, when I started writing I realized that there was something I initially had in this post that I actually wanted to give its own post.  Next week will be my final Travel Tuesday and although I'm not going to tell you what it will be about, I will tell you it is the thing I am most excited to share with you and something that I absolutely had to do before I left Greece!  Enough of that for now though, I mentioned last week that the pictures I have for today are from a day I spent walking around the tiny town of Kamari Beach.  
There were so many different sights to take in on my walk into town.  Since Kamari Beach is a black rock beach it wasn't the most pleasant to walk on, so there was a little place that had a dirt path we would cut through to walk on to get into the town, and this is where the picture of the mountain is from.  Then when you got into the town there were sidewalks, where one side was the beach and the other side was the shops and restaurants.  I thought it was interesting that there were trees besides palm trees that grew on the beach, as that was something I hadn't seen before.
The shops in the town ranged from grocery stores and pharmacies to clothing and jewelry stores.  As you can imagine I had a very good time shopping, and spent a several hours just walking around from shop to shop enjoying the time I had to look around.  I was able to get some fun souvenirs while I was there - I got a pendant for my sister, shoes for myself, scarves for my Mom and sister, and sunscreen for my Dad, among other things.  I had only learned two days before that I had to leave my trip early, so I took this day to make sure that I was able to get all the things (like presents!) I wanted to get before I left Greece as I had to get on a plane bright and early the next morning.  There were so many great places though so it worked out really well! 
I love how the whole beach was lined with straw umbrellas, it just made the island even more picturesque than it already is.  Once you walked down to where the town and beach ends you came to a mountain, which someone told me you could take a boat around to get to a different beach, but I did not get the chance to do.  Something I found interesting was the farther you walked down the beach, from the hotel we were staying in the softer (aka less rocky) the sand became.
That night one of the girls on the trip and I went into town for dinner at one of the little tavernas on the beach.  Both of us were absolutely starving and; we decided since it was my last night in Greece we were going to order a crazy amount of food, which we did!  We got bread, fried tomatoes, calamari, Greek salad, moussaka, and pizza - like I said a lot of food!  The waiters at the restaurant were so funny and kept asking us where we were planning on putting all of it.  After we finished dinner we walked around the town a little more and even got some ice cream.  It was a fun night and a great way to end the trip!  I have to say that the next day I was so happy that I had eaten all of that food because I spent 20+ hours traveling to get home!

Come back next Tuesday for my last Travel Tuesday from Greece!  This one is going to be particularly special because it is beauty themed!

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  1. Always love your Greek posts! And it's always sunny, is it? I really like all the installation on the beach - I mean it shows it's touristic, but there is nothing more that I hate than lying down on rocks on the beach!

  2. Santorini looks amazing! One of my best friends just went there on her honeymoon and loved it!

  3. Oh I've always wanted to visit Santorini! It looks breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for stopping by Let Us Wanderlust - I can't wait to follow along on your adventures!


  4. These pictures look amazing!! So gorgeous - I have heard awesome things about this place! Such a cool trip :)


  5. Santorini looks simply amazing. I can't believe how peaceful that area looks, too--I always imagine it swarmed with tourists!!

  6. Oh beautiful! I'm visiting Greece at the end of the month and excited to discover some similar spots :)

  7. What a dream! I love all the umbrellas too! So fun! Glad I found ya through the Travel Tuesday linkup!


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