Friday, August 22, 2014

These Are My Confessions

|  One  |
I confess that I got that summertime sadness.  Yes I just quoted the Lana Del Ray song because it is oh so appropriate right now and stuck in my head.  Leaving for school tomorrow has me wishing that summer (and all the carefree fun that comes with it) could last just a little bit longer.
|  Two  |
I confess that even though I'm sad for summer to end I'm very excited to be using my new Lilly Pulitzer planner.  I mean who doesn't love a fresh planner at the beginning of the school year?!
|  Three  |
I confess that I spent several hours yesterday cleaning up my room from when my family moved like 3 weeks ago because I still had a few boxes I never unpacked.  I hate leaving a messy room when I go to school so now I'm down to the wire trying to set up my room!  That's what you get for waiting forever to unpack.
|  Four  |
I confess that I feel less prepared than ever to go back to school this year.  I don't know why, but I feel like there's still so many things I want to do before I have to hit the books.  Anyone else feeling this way?!
|  Five  |
I confess that I am obsessed with Taylor Swift's new song "Shake It Off".  It is so catchy and I feel like it's something a little different for her (a break from her typical breakup ballads).  The video is also adorable!  
Well I'm around packing today and then off to move into school tomorrow.  I will see you lovelies on Monday!

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  1. Great confessions! To be honest I love the song too, I have played it a lot and it sticks.

  2. Oh man, I am loving that Taylor Swift song, too, especially the video. She's so cute. I also looove new planners! Good luck with your new year!

  3. I am normally ready to go for school! I graduated in May and I am taking one more class so I can go to graduate school. It starts Tuesday and I don't even have the textbook yet... Oops.. ;)


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