Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

I know so many girls that think the only way to get off polish from a gel/shellac manicure is to go to the salon and pay to have it taken off or to peel it off at home. However, I know personally that I don't always have the time or want to go to the salon to have the polish taken off, and that it is really bad for your nails to peel it off. Due to this I have studied how they remove the polish at the salon, and have done a lot of experimenting to come up with the best possible way to remove gel nail polish on your own.

Nail file
Glass bowl
Orange stick
Paper towel

-File down nail polish to remove all the shine.  You want the nails to be completely void of the finish and have a dull matte look.
-Take pure acetone and pour just enough to soak your nails in a glass bowl (do not make the mistake of putting it in a plastic disposable bowl, it will eat through the bowl and you will end up covered in acetone; I just wash the glass dish with soap and  hot water when I am done and it is fine).  
-Beginning with this step I recommend doing one hand at a time.  Soak your nails until the polish is peeling and crumbling off your nails.  The longer you soak, the easier it will be to remove the polish in later steps.  You need to soak for at least 10 minutes.
-When the polish is peeling and crumbling off, take the orange stick and scrape it off.  Sometimes I alternate between soaking and scraping because it is easier to scrape when the nails are a little bit damp with acetone.  The polish will come off your nails in little crumbles like in the picture below.
-You want to scrape until your nails do not have any form of polish left on them.  You can also buff your nails to really remove any polish residue.

Your nails will then be free of gel polish without destroying them (by peeling them off) or having to go to the salon.  This has landed up saving me time and has made doing my nails easier, so I hope that it can help someone else too!  If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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  1. i never used gel nail polish but i know that even take it off is so expensive! so your idea is brilliant
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  2. Thanks for sharing this, I am definitely pinning for next time. I've used gel once before and my nails were a mess for close to 2 months.


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