Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Put Glitter on Everything!

It's no secret that I am obsessed with glitter, & I found a way to put it on anything I want!  The best part about this is it is inexpensive.  You can update old items or make new ones.  Instructions & ideas below:

Basic Supplies:

Sponge Brush &/or Paint Brush
Mod Podge (Glossy)
Glitter in shaker (the size you get will effect the coverage)

Step 1- Coat entire item in Mod Podge using the sponge brush or paint brush.  Apply (sprinkle) glitter while wet.  Allow to dry, this may take multiple steps so there is a dry section to hold & to rest the item on while drying.

Step 2 (optional)- When the item is completely covered in 1 coat of glitter, repeat Step 1 over the first layer of glitter.  Allow to dry.  Repeat until you get desired glitter coverage.  (I only needed 1 coat.)
Step 3- When the item is completely covered in glitter & had dried, generously apply Mod Podge over the glitter in a smooth coat; again this may take multiple steps.  After the item is completely coated allow to dry overnight.

I did my cellphone, iPad, & computer chargers in gold:

I made a tray to be used to hold my makeup.  For the tray you can use an old one you have or get an inexpensive one at a craft store, I got mine for about $4.00 at A.C. Moore.  The whole tray cost under $10.00 to make. 

I covered old Mason jars, the center picture is a before shot.  The one on the left, I painted black before Step 1; this one will be used as a vase on my kitchen table in my apartment.  The one on the right is not painted, I will use it to hold makeup brushes & will keep it next to the tray above.  I also covered smaller Mason jars, which I painted pink before Step 1, & will use them to hold Q-tips & cotton balls in my bathroom.  I plan on tying bows around the mason jars.

Additionally, I covered my mother's stapler at her request, & an old soap dispenser that was not being used to use in my bathroom in my apartment.  I am addicted to covering things in glitter & I'm sure there will be more to come!


  1. "How to put glitter on everything" Um, yeah. This is my kind of post, haha. And I love the tray idea! I've never thought to use one of those for makeup! Brilliant!

    1. I was seriously addicted to doing this at the beginning of the summer! It's so easy & so fun!


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