Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Gifts Under $30 + Life Update

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Each of these adorable presents cost $30 or less, making them perfect gifts for just about anyone on your list.  These are great for coworkers, friends, or anyone else you want to give a little something special too.  They are a sweet way to show your love and appreciation without spending a ton.  I love everything on this list, but I cannot get over how adorable this water bottle is!  I'm also on a big slipper kick right now and think these look so cute and cozy (and they're on sale!). No matter which ones you love any of these picks will make for a fun gift and are sure to make a big hit!



At the beginning of last month I gave a little glimpse into what has been going on in my life here.  Before ending today's post I wanted to share a little update on what is going on with me since I've still been posting a little more sporadically then I would like to.  Since that last post I have unfortunately been diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, which is more commonly known as TMJ (if you're curious you can read more about what that is here).  This developed as a combination from two things, the first was that I developed a nasty sinus infection, which caused me to grind my teeth while I was sleeping (I didn't even know this was going on).  The second was that I had an upper endoscopy and the way my mouth was open combined with the length of how long it was open furthered the problem that began with the sinus infection.

I had this awful pain in my jaw (by my ears) and it got to the point where I could barely talk or eat.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain due to the chronic pain condition I have (check out this post for more on that), but the fact that I couldn't really eat, talk, or smile was making me miserable.  At this point I broke down and went to the doctor (which was an ENT, I thought the dentist, but my Dad said an ENT and was right) and was diagnosed.

To treat the TMJ the doctor put me on a soft food diet (hello lots of pasta!) and sent me to physical therapy.  Now I had no clue that "mouth physical therapy" (as I call it) was a thing.  I have been going to PT twice a week for the last three and a half weeks and have seen a great improvement in the pain.  Unfortunately this week I am having a little setback, but am still pushing through.  This issue combined with all of the health problems I already have has been really taking a physical toll on me, which is why I've been on here a little less than usual.  I'm hoping that soon this TMJ will be gone though and that I can get back on here four to five days a week.

Thank you so much to everyone who comes here and for all of your support.  It truly means the world to me and helps me to continue pushing through every health issue I encounter.

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  1. I LOVE all of your picks! I need thos XO glasses in my life!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  2. I have that Voluspa candle and it smells AMAZING!

  3. I love the business card holder and the soft pink booties.

  4. Such a great guide!!! I am loving all the soft pink.

  5. So I'll take one of each ;) haha, seriously loving this guide.

  6. Those are the cutest little bootie slippers ever! I also love the wine glasses!

  7. Good ideas for gifts. Unlike you, I have a greater sensitivity to pain, especially when it comes to dental treatment. Even when I periodically do tartar cleaning in this clinic, I experience discomfort.


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