Monday, February 9, 2015

Skin Care 101: Cleansers

There are several different types or 'categories' of cleansers in the beauty world.  I think that having different types of cleansers in your beauty routine is necessary for keeping your skin flawless. Everyone should have a cleanser that they use regularly and then can turn to the other cleansers they have when they are having different skin issues.  Today I am going to show you the different cleansers I think everyone should have, when to use them, and what to do if you don't want all of them.

When to Use: During a breakout or as your regular cleanser if you have chronic acne or oily skin.
Splurge: This is a full strength cleanser that will help to keep breakouts at bay.  The salicylic acid works to clean your face, dissolve oil, and wipeout any bacteria.  Murad's cleanser does not contain parabens or sulfates, which may irritate more sensitive skin.
Save: For a less expensive version (and the one I frequently use) pick up this drug store alternative.  It too uses salicylic acid to clear up skin and deep clean pores.  Neutrogena's cleanser is formulated without oil and will not leave behind residue on your skin.
My Advice: I have combination skin and use this when my skin has a bad breakout.  Since my skin dries out easily I use this only before bed for 1 to 2 days, and apply moisturizer after.

When to Use: If you are experiencing a 'dry spell' with your skin or typically have normal to dry skin.  This is also the perfect type of cleanser for those with sensitive skin.
Splurge: This super gentle cleanser will work to calm skin and help to restore moisture while still effectively cleaning.  First Aid's cleanser is filled with antioxidants which will help to combat any free radicals your skin has come into contact with.
Save: This cleanser is hailed by dermatologists, celebrities, and beauty mavens alike because of how well it works to keep your skin clean and moisturized.  This suits all types of skin and is fragrance free, which is what helps to make it so popular.
My Advice: This is the cleanser that I use the most often, as I mentioned above I have combination skin that tends to get dry, I find that a creamy cleanser usually keeps my skin clear without irritating or drying it.  Make sure to thoroughly remove all makeup with a makeup wipe before washing to ensure that this fully cleans your skin.

When to Use: Use a scrub 1 - 2 times week to prevent the build-up of skin cells and flaking skin.
Splurge: ExfoliKate was created by Kate Somerville, a Hollywood hailed skincare guru, and is very popular among her celebrity clients.  It works to exfoliate both physically and chemically to smooth your skin and fight blemishes.
Save: This scrub uses natural exfoliants to buff away impurities and is known to prevent blackheads and minimize pores.
My Advice: Exfoliating is important, but should only be done 1 - 2 times a week to avoid over-exfoliation.  Also be careful not to exfoliate when your skin is irritated or you will further the irritation.

When to Use: Use this if you have normal to dry skin or if you are having a particularly bad 'dry spell'.
Splurge: Josie Maran's products are known for being super luxe and moisturizing, in addition to being all natural.  This product is filled with argan oil (the brand's signature ingredient) and does not contain sulfates or parabens. 
Save: When it seems like my skin will not hold moisture I will use coconut oil to wash my face for a few days in a row.  It always does the trick and cleanses very gently.  The instructions for how I use coconut oil to cleanse are here.
My Advice: I use an oil to cleanse mostly in the winter when I am experiencing a period of very dry skin.  Using an oil will pamper your skin and help to keep it moisturized without causing you to breakout.

When to Use: Use this if you have sensitive skin or like using more natural products in your beauty routine.  Honey is filled with antibacterial properties and will also work to moisturize your skin.
Splurge: Manuka Honey has very high levels of antibacterial agents.  Additionally it contains active hydrogen peroxide, which helps to cleanse the skin.  You can find more benefits of Manuka Honey here, and learn more about why it works so well to keep your face clear.
Save: While raw honey does not contain as many antibacterial agents as Manuka Honey it still works well to clean your skin, but at a fraction of the price.  This is a healthy alternative to chemical filled store bought cleansers that we typically use.
My Advice: Take some honey in your hands and mix with a few drops of water, use as you would a typical face wash and rinse.  You can also mix with a few drops of water and leave on your face as a mask, which is my favorite thing to do when using honey.

When to Use: Once a day for normal or dry skin, twice a day for oily skin, 3 - 4 times a week for sensitive skin.
Splurge: Clarisonic brushes work to give your skin the deepest clean available.  Using sonic technology this brush cleans your skin 6 times better than when you wash with your hands.  The deep clean you get when using this helps your skin to better absorb creams and serums.
Save: The Olay brush works to exfoliate your skin and; help to achieve a better texture.  It too allows your skin to better absorb creams and serums you use after cleansing with it.  While it lacks the sonic technology that the Clarisonic uses it is still a more effective way to cleanse then washing with your hands for a fraction of the cost.
My Advice: I actually own both of these brushes (I just purchased the Clarisonic!), and while I have noticed a significant change in my skin since using the Clarisonic for only a short period of time, if you do not want to splurge on the brush the Olay version works very well too.

While I do recommend having all of these products in your skincare arsenal so that you can tailor your routine to what your skin is doing at the moment you can definitely get by without all of them.

Bare Minimum: Anti Acne, Creamy and/or Oil, and a Brush and/or Exfoliating Cleanser.
Next Level: Anti Acne, Creamy and/or Oil, Natural, and a Brush.
All the Way: Everything listed here!

Depending on your skin type you should use an Anti Acne or Creamy Cleanser regularly with a your brush and turn to the other types of cleansers when they address the skin issue you are experiencing. There are many more products for each type of cleanser, but I have listed here the ones that I personally use or ones that I have heard the best reviews for.  My best advice is to get to know your skin so that you can properly take care of it and achieve a clear and glowing complexion!

What is your favorite type of cleanser?

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  1. I really like that you included both a splurge and save for each type of cleanser and you were super thorough with the categories! You also listed some of my favourites! I love the Murad cleanser, nothing beats the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and I love both the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil and Coconut Oil - they're both so effective, yet I wouldn't be able to eliminate the Josie Maran one completely and use only simple Coconut Oil, for some reason... I guess they're different enough for me, even though they're so similar!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. I loveee using honey on my face & I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about the clarisonic (;

  3. I love this guide, Kristin! You're so knowledgeable! I need to switch up my skincare routine because I always get those once a month break-outs.

    The Closet by Christie

  4. I had no idea coconut oil was good for the skin! This is a terrific guide fall all skin types. I really appreciate the splurge and savings comparisons.

  5. I always had trouble with breakouts, but figuring out what works for your skin is a game changer! I use the Neutrogena anti-acne wash in the morning, and a mild cleanser at night with my Clairsonic (yes, it's awesome!) CeraVe also makes great products. Great post!

  6. I am a huge fan of anything by First Aid! I've found you really pay for the quality. Try their under eye cream when your eyes are puffy, it works miracles!

    Vanessa Lang Design

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