Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Blogger Bestie's Birthday

Twenty three years ago Saturday, the seventeenth of January nineteen hundred and ninety two, the prettiest fairy princess in all the land was born, and that fairy princess is Jordyn.  Since today is my most lovely blogger bestie's birthday, I am taking over for her today while she celebrates in the most fabulous of ways as only a fairy princess would.  

Since I sadly live quite far from Jordyn and am unable to spend her birthday with her, here are the six most amazing presents I want to give to her.

Every fairy princess needs a giant bouquet of the prettiest flowers around.  Pink peonies make everything special and every birthday must be extra special.

What drink is more fabulous than champagne?  Nothing.  Therefore a little or a lot pop, fizz, and clink is a must have for Jordyn's big day.

To celebrate her birthday Jordyn deserves an epic Gossip Girl-esque weekend in the best city in the world (sorry not sorry Seattle).  A stop at Sprinkles to get excessive amounts of cupcakes would be made and a there would be a birthday picnic in Central Park.  A trip to Tiffany and Co.'s flagship store would also be a necessity.

Before we head to New York we would have to partake in an epic shopping spree at Nordstrom's Flagship (see, I do love Seattle!).  This way Jordyn can get tons of Tory Burch and whatever else her fashionable heart desires.

The ultimate Starbucks Fairy Princess needs to have all the delicious Starbucks drinks she could ever want.  I know the chance to win free Starbucks for life ended at Christmas, but I'm sure I can use my persuasive skills (I took Theories of Persuasion last semester) to write a very convincing letter to the execs at Starbucks who would happily send her one of those handy little cards.

For the biggest Taylor Swift fan around, bringing Taylor Swift would be the present to give Jordyn.  We would then promptly make Taylor bake cookies with us, while singing all of 1989 and discussing boys.  Maybe she'd even want to join our Nordstrom shopping spree and New York girls weekend?  I think she would.

I've got to go now and figure out how I am going to get all of these fabulous presents in my suitcase and get to Seattle from Pennsylvania today.  While I'm working on the doing all of that please make sure to wish the my most favorite pretty princess a very happy birthday!

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  1. This is so sweet! Pink peonies are always stunning, and you can never go wrong with some glitzy champs :) Happy birthday to your blogger bestie!

  2. So thankful for your sweet birthday wishes! This girls' weekend needs to happen ASAP! I'll call Taylor (;


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