Friday, January 17, 2014

What I Can't Live Without {Right Now}

1. Look by M Cotton Leggings in Black
I got 2 pairs of these for Christmas & have been living in them lately.  They are thicker then a typical legging & are so cozy.  These are definitely a winter style staple for me, & it's great that they are chic, comfortable, & warm!  If you're on the market for winter leggings I highly recommend these.
2. Essie Nail Color in Ballet Slippers
I typically go for darker polish colors, especially in the winter, but Ballet Slippers is a classic & one of my favorite polish colors.  It's so clean & instantly makes you look put together.  I've been really wanting to use it lately so when I got a pedicure yesterday it was a no brainer.  Sometime this weekend I will definitely be painting my nails with this too!
3. Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta
Ronzoni recently came out with this & it is hands down my favorite gluten free pasta.  It tastes so much like real pasta, it's crazy, & with quinoa as ingredient there is some hidden protein in it too.
4. Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
I included this in my post the other day & seriously cannot say enough good things about it.  It has really helped to improve my skin & I love it! 
5. Crayola Washable Glitter Glue
With all the crafting I've been doing lately for the new members of our sorority I couldn't survive without my glitter glue (I know I'm being dramatic, but I seriously need this stuff!).  If you have any projects coming up this is something you have to get!

What are your must haves of the moment?

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  1. I adore Essie Ballet Slippers! It's such a pretty color!

  2. I love Ballet Slippers's the perfect neutral nail!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I love "Ballet Slippers", it's one of my favorite from Essie! Also that's hilarious that you added glitter glue! I didn't even know they still made it!!! I may have to go pick some up to play with :D

  4. ahh... I miss the good old days of late night sorority crafting. those would have been the perfect item!

  5. I like darker nail polish colors, but Ballet Slippers looks pretty cute. It matches the color of my room. :P I love adding glitter to my crafts but don't like to use glitter glue because I find it easier to use glue first and then spread glitter over it. Walking past the pretty sorority posters on campus was really nice back in college. :3

    Sincerely, Christine from Invisible Blush

  6. IMO Ronzoni's GF pasta has changed the market of GF pasta. NO one knows the difference & I love that I don't have to make more than 1 pot of pasta for my family!

    I've been wearing ballet slippers for years, it's my favorite!

  7. I love that nail color! It's so cute! I have a similar one that's Hard as Nails and it sparkles a little bit. I wish I could live in leggings! They're so comfy.

  8. i'm really interested in this cleaning-system idea, it seems like everyone is using it lately! do you really think it made a difference?

  9. I need and want those leggings and nail polish!!



  10. Oooh, I am torn between the Olay cleaner and the Clarisonic…I've heard great things about both. Thoughts?

  11. Aw, I love your faves! In fact, this essie shade is one of my favourite and I just cooked my GF pasta - different brand, but also tastes fab! I am very curious about your pasta, though - I like the idea of yet another way of adding quinoa in my diet. :)

  12. Those leggings look so comfortable. I need to buy a new pair and the nail polish color is perfect.


  13. Great faves....lovely nail color!!


  14. Essie have some gorgeous nail polishes out there, their shade range is to die for!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  15. That Essie nail polish is one of my favorites! Great picks and you can never go wrong with a little glitter glue :)


  16. Yum! I had no idea ronzoni has GF pasta! Bertolli does too! I'm pretty attached to my corn pasta though ;)


  17. I can't find Ballet Slippers anywhere here! I think it would be a great color to try a french manicure with, but alas: it's mission impossible to find one. My fave leggings are from Hue. They come in the best colors and because they're a little thicker than the ones sold at Zara, I feel like I can wear them as regular jeans too :) xo

  18. Such a fun list--love Essie! One of my must-haves are warm earmuffs for the winter :) I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  19. Glitter and crayola is always a winning combination...YES, PLEASE!!! Yay for finding your blog thanks to the linkup! Just started following your cutiepatootie self on GFC! WAHOO!! Cheers to that! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, dollface! xx

  20. Gluten free pasta. That's it xx


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