Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Style File: Slouchy Sweaters

To start off today I have a random side note: I have finally found something I do not like about fall.  I learned on Monday night that fall is the time of year that little creatures *cough*mice*cough* find their way into college dorms.  When the girl living in the apartment that that little creature finds its way into sees said mouse she may run down the hall to her RA's room in an oversized tshirt with no bra & coconut oil in her hair (since it most likely will happen at 11:00 pm when she is getting ready to shower) & burst into tears in the hall outside the door over this little creature (btw this was totally not me at all).  The moral of this little hypothetical story is that I have found a downfall to my favorite season.

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Slouchy sweaters are a must have for fall and winter.  They are super cozy, but with the right sweater & when styled the right way they can look super chic.  Comfortable + Pretty = Amazing in my book!  Pair a sweater with leggings or super skinny jeans, & ballet flats or boots for an easy outfit.  Lauren Conrad, one of my Celebrity Style Obsessions, is a big fan of these cozy staples & pairs them with an array of pants and shoes to make completely different outfits.  The sweaters pictured above each feature something different a pattern, a pop of color, elbow patches etc., & are super cute.  I love them all, but my favorite would have to be the leopard one by Pull & Bear, an English clothing company.  Pull on one for class, work, dinner with friends, a movie night & so much more, the slouchy sweater is a versatile piece that you can wear so many different places, & use to keep warm through the colder months.

Which sweater is your favorite?

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