Friday, August 16, 2013

We Made It to Friday!

Yay!  We've finally made it to the weekend!  I cannot believe that next weekend I will be moving into my apartment at school, it feels like summer went by insanely fast.  To get your Friday going here is my end of the week jumble.

Friday's Celebrity Outfit of the Week
Nina Dobrev in J. Mendel at the Teen Choice Awards in University City, California.


While this outfit looks like a jumpsuit it's actually separate pieces!  When I saw this look I fell in love, it's just so chic.  From its splatter pattern to the plunging neckline to the skinny leg pants it looks amazing & all work so well together.  I especially like how the shoes tie the whole outfit together, lately I have been loving that shoe style!  Nina's hair is sexy in a messy pony tail, which compliments everything really well.  Those gorgeous earrings (by Martin Katz) that she is wearing feature nearly 300 diamonds & have a hefty price tag, ringing in at $35,000!  In this Nina Dobrev definitely beat out all of the other starlets for best look of the week, & if she was trying to make her incredibly hot ex boyfriend Ian Somerhalder jealous this look probably did the trick.

Random Spattering of What I Want
Since I have school on the brain I thought I would share a few things I want to pick up before I head back.

1. American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter Leotard in Black: $28.00
2. Aldo Change Tonal Stud Flap Clutch: $44.95
3. American Apparel Shiny Legging in Lamé Black: $42.00
4. PB Teen Classic Organic Sheet Set, Pillowcases in White: $32.50 add monogram for $7.00
5. Max & Chloe Pink Acrylic Script Cutout 1 1/2 Inch Monogram Necklace: $80.00

Numbers 1 & 3 are great items for going out to parties or bars, they can be worn together or paired with different items.  Number 2 is a clutch that I am dying for, I love to match my clutches to my heels when I go out or to an event like a wedding, I don't have a nude clutch & this is the perfect one to match to my nude heels.  Number 4 is the monogram pillow cases I want for my apartment, I feel like they are just super chic home decor.  Number 5 is the acrylic monogram necklace, I may have mentioned I wanted before,  however I'm thinking this may be more of a Christmas present though.  It's crazy how since going to college my taste & what I want for going back to school has changed.  Five years ago all I wanted was school clothes & pretty binders, now I want going out clothes & things for my apartment.  I'm becoming an adult, which is scary!  I'm hoping to order or pick up some of these items up over the weekend.

My Little Sister is Leaving
This weekend my little sister is leaving for college, which is crazy!  We're only three years apart, & sometimes it feels like less, sometimes like more, in high school it definitely felt like more & my friends from then cannot get over that she is leaving (they had a hard time when she started driving too!).  We're only going to school like 2 minutes from each other, which is so great because we are super close.  It just feels so weird that the baby of the family is finally heading off & my mom is going to have an empty nest next year.  If Coco wasn't already spoiled enough she's going to be insanely spoiled next year!  She's leaving a week ahead of me for Freshmen Orientation & some other fun things & it will be weird to be an only child for a week.  I wanted to write this to say "Congrats Bridget, you're going to do amazing & I cannot wait to be able to hang out with you this year.  Love you!"

To kick off the weekend here's a song that I can't get out of my head: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk & Pharell Williams, enjoy!

Daft Punk (OFFICIAL RADIO EDIT) by Get Lucky on Grooveshark

So after all of this I have a few questions for you guys: What do you think of Nina's look?  What are your back to school wants, anything similar to mine?  Are any of your siblings heading off to college?  And finally, do you have any fun plans for this weekend?


  1. It's real hard to be away from a loved sibling . I am sure I can't .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. The great thing is, is that she's going to school right next to where I go! So we'll see each other all the time! She leaves a week before me though, so I'm an only child for the week, which is weird!

  2. Love the Max an Chloe necklace. I want one too!!!!
    I just followed your blog. Check me out at

    1. I'm obsessed with their monogram necklaces! Thank you!

  3. nine dobrev's outfit is gorgeous!! she is totally rocking it.

    i have pleather leggings and love them, they are so easy to wear!


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