Monday, August 26, 2013

Wakey Wakey: My Morning Routine

So today summer is officially over & I start my classes.  I am that super weird girl that loves the first day of school--new outfit, new school supplies, new professors, new year, & you get to see all of your friends, what's not to love?  I actually genuinely love school & learning (I told you I'm weird!) so I'm really happy to be back!  To get in the spirit of getting up at a scheduled time every morning (the only part I don't like about school) I thought it would be fun to give a little insight to how I get ready before class.  I got this great idea from Simply Clarke.  Here we go!

Wake Up
I set my alarm for 9:30 am to get to my first class on time.  I have this really weird thing where alarms scare me, & during the school year I get on such a routine that I usually wake up a few minutes before it goes off.
Wash, Tone, & Moisturize
I like to shower at night so I can get some extra sleep in the morning. After I get out of bed I wash & tone my face, to moisturize I mix equal parts Aveeno Smart Essentials Moisturizer & Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium *& apply to my face, after this I brush my teeth & do a few other things.
*The BB Cream is a little dark for my skin tone & has a thick consistency, I mix it with moisturizer to lighten the color & thin it out.
After I wash up I put on my makeup.  Most mornings I go for a simple & fresh look, I apply mascara, concealer under my eyes, that I set with powder, groom my brows with some clear mascara, & apply some blush.  Occasionally I'll add some eyeshadow or eyeliner to glam up my everyday look.
Next, I sprinkle a little Johnson's Baby Powder in Lavender & Chamomile (I hate traditionally scented baby powder) on my roots, to absorb any excess oil & reduce shine, I work that through my hair with a  paddle brush.  If I'm not wearing my hair up, I then run the flat iron through it & sometimes I will pin or braid a piece back, add a headband or barrette, or something else to change it up a little bit.
When I'm done with hair & makeup I eat some breakfast.  I typically have a Chobani yogurt or Corn Chex cereal, but if I have some extra time I will make some oatmeal or a Glutino Plain Bagel with peanut butter.
Get Dressed
Where I go to school everyone gets dressed up for class, which is something I love.  I adore getting dressed & like to wear something nice to class, I do have a rare yoga pants day though!  This is an example of an outfit I would wear to class on a warmer day: a pretty romper, flat sandals, jewelry, & a tote or backpack to carry my books & other essentials in.
Off to Class
Finally I give myself about 15 minutes to walk to class, I don't like to be late & leaving  a little early allows me to take my time so I don't have to run.  The pictured notebook is super cute, however I keep all my notes & textbooks on my iPad.  I do carry around a Vera Bradley Agenda though to keep track of appointments, assignments, & other things.

This run down basically sums up how I start my days at school.  If you are interested in any of the products I use head over to my favorite products page.  Tomorrow I will be posting  about my first day of school & what I wear!

Does this routine look anything like your morning?  What do you do similarly or differently? 

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  1. sounds like a good little morning routine! i always like leaving early for things too so that i don't have to rush.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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