Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Quickie

Today's post is going to be short because I am moving into my apartment at school today!  I started moving in yesterday & am getting so excited for the new year.  I cannot believe this is the last weekend of the summer for me though, it's crazy!  So here's my quickie for today:

Friday's Celebrity Outfit of the Week
Taylor Swift backstage worn backstage at Red Concert Tour stop in L.A.

Oh my gosh Taylor Swift looks amazing.  This whole ensemble is so surprising for her, as she typically favors girly/feminine dresses & sparkly gowns.  Taylor's look is super sexy & would be amazing for a night on the town with the girls or for a hot date night.  The great thing about this outfit is that it is super accessible  for women to recreate.  From the long sleeves (which I LOVE in a dress) to the nude heels this look is simple, but so sexy.  I seriously cannot say enough great things about this outfit, I am so in love with it.  I really hope to see Taylor in more looks like this in the future, it's a more grown up look then we're used to seeing her in, which suits her well.  This outfit was my hands down favorite celebrity outfit all week!

Enjoy you're weekend!  I will be spending mine at one of my favorite places in the world & could not be happier.

What do you think of Taylor's look? post signature


  1. Taylor Swift is one of those celebs who I would LOVE to go shopping with. I love her style and this look is no exception. She looks great!


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