Thursday, January 5, 2017

Celebrity Style Obsession: Olivia Culpo

I have been a big fan of Olivia Culpo's since she won Miss USA (and then Miss Universe) in 2012.  In the years since then, Olivia has become a celebrity and a serious style star.  Culpo's fashion credits include sharing style advice with magazines, attending many major fashion shows, and working as a model.  Her personal style covers a wide range with her rocking everything from super feminine to edgy looks and all that is in between.  She favors monochromatic outfits for simple, yet incredibly chic outfits.  Olivia always switches up her look wearing everything from dresses to skirts to shorts to pants to rompers and jumpsuits.  She keeps her looks more relaxed when off duty, but always looks incredible stylish and put together.  When Culpo hits the red carpet she is always in full glam, but is never afraid to experiment a little with things such as feather touches or a sequin romper.  Her hair and makeup are always on point and complete her looks perfectly.  She is actually such a beauty maven that she often collaborates with Byrdie to give tips.  As you can tell I really love Olivia Culpo's style and love to look to her for fashion inspiration.  Here I have for you my favorite looks she has worn.

Which of Olivia's looks is your favorite?

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  1. She is so pretty, but something about her attitude has turned me off.


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