Thursday, August 20, 2015

Girl Crush: Olivia Culpo

Since she won Miss USA and then became the first Miss USA in fifteen years to win Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has been a star on the rise.  From the time she began her reign as Miss Universe Culpo has attended countless red carpet events and has steadily modeled for campaigns with companies such as HauteLook.  Since her crowning as Miss USA I have been a huge fan of Olivia's and love seeing all that she's accomplished, I definitely have a girl crush on her and am going to tell you why!

1. She is very ambitious.
While in college at Boston University Culpo signed with a Boston modeling agency and balanced modeling with her studies.  In 2012 she entered her first pageant and while wearing a dress she rented she won the title of Miss Rhode Island.  After this she went on to win both Miss USA and Miss Universe.  She went from a college student entering her first pageant to becoming an international beauty queen, which to me is extremely ambitious.
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2. She's smart.
Olivia started college at Boston University and attended until 2012 when she was crowned Miss USA and put her studies on hold in order to fulfill her duties as Miss USA and Miss Universe.  While there she studied Communications. (Image via)

3. She is talented.
Culpo is a talented cello player.  She started playing when she was in second grade and excelled as a player.  She spent two summers at the super prestigious Brevard Music Center and has played with the Bay View Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, the Rhode Island All-State Orchestra, and the Boston Accompanietta.
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4. She's crazy beautiful.
It's no wonder that Olivia won every pageant she entered and has continued to model since her time as Miss Universe ended, she is so pretty.  Her dark brown eyes and glossy brunette locks come together to create a girl who is beyond gorgeous!
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5. She is quite sassy.
Her Instagram is filled with sassy quotes, memes and post captions.  I love how her personality comes through in these posts and that she seems like a friend I want to hang out with.
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6. The Girl Can Cook.
Olivia seems to cook quite a lot and is always documenting her latest creations on Instagram.  My favorite part about her cooking is that she writes the recipes in the captions of her food photos!  Her food always looks delicious and it's so great that she gives the option to make it too.  She also always puts a healthy spin on what she's making her food, which is something I love.
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7. She's very stylish.
No matter where she's photographed Culpo always has the cutest outfit is definitely one to watch in terms of fashion. Her look is a mix of feminine and classy pieces with trendy and sexy pieces mixed in.  Her style is constantly evolving and I can't wait to see the looks she wears in the future.
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8. She has a lot of fun.
Olivia's Instagram has so many fun shots of her with her friends.  She seems to always have a great time no matter where she's at and just looks like she's always having a blast.
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So now that you know why I love Olivia and want to be her BFF let me know what you think below!

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  1. UGH SHE IS SO GORGEOUS. Eat your heart out, Nick Jonas. Did you notice how she started posting more racy/hot pics after they broke up? Ultimate girl revenge... lol. But yeah she is stunning & seems like a cool chick :)

  2. I think a lot of guys and girls have a crush on Olivia Culpo. She's exceptionally beautiful and smart. I think she's really devoted to health and fitness. It shows. She looks great in yoga pants.


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