Monday, August 3, 2015

July 2015 on Instagram

Is it me or did July fly by before our eyes?!  I can't believe it is already August and I go back for my last year of school in just three short weeks.  Thankfully July was a fun month and I documented all the fun on Instagram (you can find me at @theblushblonde!).  Here is my month in pictures!

I started off the 4th of July with a festive (and healthy) snack.  In addition to snacking on the berries I also used them to garnish my super delicious Grilled Angel Food Cake I made that weekend.

I haven't seen my best friend, Shannon, in about two years, but this summer I got to spend two whole months with her!  In the beginning of July we went on a stable tour of Monmouth Park Racetrack and then went to watch the races.  It was such a fun day and I'm glad we got to spend it together!

My Mom and I picked up this rug at HomeGoods at the beginning of the summer and I am completely obsessed with it!  It makes the perfect background for Instagram shots and these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  Also a pretty pedicure is a must have for me in the summertime so my toes look great when I'm wearing open toe shoes.

My cousin lives in Hong Kong with her husband and three kids, and this is her youngest.  This little one was such a cuddler and we were sitting outside on the porch looking for bunnies and deer at my Aunt and Uncle's house when my Mom snapped this.  All three of them are too cute and; I wish they didn't live so far away!

My Mom and I have been growing tomatoes this summer and have quite the crop, we are literally calling it our 'tomato jungle' because it's so massive!  Our tomatoes, along with some basil from our garden, made for a pretty and tasty summer salad.

I strongly believe Sundays are meant to be spent in bed and I love reading, watching Netflix, and doing blog work from the comforts of mine.  I spent a particularly sweltering Sunday a few weeks back in my favorite way.

My little Maltese Coco Chanel is a total diva and loves spending her days lounging around.  In the summer she has the incredibly difficult decision of choosing between lying in her giant dog bed, on the couch, or in my bed, and my bed usually wins out.

Two weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the Her Campus Her Conference in New York City.  I snapped this shot before an amazing speech by the Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine.  I was so happy I was able to attend the conference, learn so much, and meet so many incredible people.

My sweet Mom surprised me with Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes from Sprinkles (my favorite!) after the Her Conference!  She is seriously the best and got me enough to last a few days, needless to say I was in heaven.

In case you can't tell pink is my absolute favorite color!  I was feeling super girly here and am loving these earrings from Happiness Boutique (c/o).

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  1. So many gorgeous photos! Have a great last few weeks of summer!

  2. I agree with you on Sundays! I like to relax and work on my blog or be outside and take pictures or write and come up with ideas for the blog. Great pictures.

  3. Your July looks like it was pretty fab girl. Coco is such a cute little snugly diva, the perfect cuddle buddy for lazy Sundays blogging and watching Netflix in bed I presume (:

  4. I love this roundup! Super cute pup! :)



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