Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Santorini Part IV

Today is my last 'Travel Tuesday' until I take another trip!  I've loved sharing my trip to Greece with everyone - being able to write all about it and look at all of the pictures I took (and let me tell you there were a lot of picture) was so much fun.  Last week I teased about this post, telling you that as a beauty junkie it's something I was most excited to share about my trip.  It's something so exciting to me that I had to give it its very own post: a fish pedicure!
In last week's Travel Tuesday I talked about the day I spent walking around Kamari beach in Santorini. My favorite part of that day spent in the town was the fish pedicure I got at Eden Fish Spa.  As some of you may know, you cannot get fish pedicures in the United States so I knew it was something I absolutely had to do while I was in Greece.  When the time came for the fish pedicure I could not contain my excitement.  This was literally one of the coolest experiences I have ever had and I wish I could get another one soon.  The way a fish pedicure works is you pay to soak in the fish tank; so the place I went I paid for a 15 minute soak with the fish and then if you would like a pedicure (to get your nails done) it was a few euros more.  I initially was going to just soak my feet, but then I decided to go for a full pedicure because I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience. 
The woman who worked at Eden was so sweet and chatted with me while I was soaking my feet and getting my pedicure.  Before I put my feet in the tank they had to be washed off because lotions or anything else that may be on your skin is toxic to the fish.  The woman then explained to me that the fish don't actually 'eat' the dead skin off your feet, but instead they deposit an enzyme on your feet that breaks down the dead skin and the more frequently you go, the more successful the treatment is.  I have to say that I did see results with just one 15 minute soak though, which was awesome!  I would say that my feet looked as if I had just scrubbed and pumice stoned them and I was very happy with the results.  I'm pretty ticklish, but did not feel like the fish were tickling my feet, it felt more like a light brushing on my feet.  I actually found the feeling of the fish on my feet to be very calming and I would've like to soak for hours!  If you ever get the chance to get a fish pedicure you have to try it, it is truly unique experience! 

I hope everyone's enjoyed my Travel Tuesday series on Greece!

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  1. That sounds amazing, I'll have to try that someday!

  2. I've always wanted a fish pedicure!

  3. This looks so strange but I would totally do it for the experience! I'm glad to hear that the fish don't tickle your feet, cause mine are suuuuper sensitive, hhah!

  4. Ha how great! I have always wanted to try this but I'm very ticklish on my feet too so I haven't yet. Now I am a bit more confident that I wouldn't be squirming the whole time :)

  5. That is so cool! I think I saw a picture of one of my friends doing that in Europe last year, I always wondered what it was! I love to learn about the process and how the fish 'treat' your feet - I'm so ticklish and I have to say I hate when I get my feet pumiced, so this sounds like heaven to me! Such a cool experience! And you probably made the right choice getting the full pedicure afterwards :)

  6. I have tried the fish pedicure--it was actually really fun! But it tickled like crazy and sometimes they would get too aggressive--ouch!

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