Friday, August 1, 2014

The Haskell with America's Best Racing

So I had originally intended to have this post up yesterday, but my parents sold their house a while back and Wednesday was our big moving day!  Needless to say all of yesterday was spent trying to unpack (I'm not sure how helpful I actually am!) and sorting out different things so I had to take off from this little space for the day.  I'm back though with a follow up to Wednesday's post where I talked about Ladies' Day at Monmouth Park Racetrack. Today I'm going to tell you all about the main event of this past weekend, Sunday's William Hill Haskell Invitational that I attended with America's Best Racing.
The Haskell is Monmouth Park's biggest race of the year and is fĂȘted in style.  America's Best Racing had their fabulous tour bus on site again, and I remembered to get some outside shots of it this time to share here (for pictures of the inside check out this post).  This tour bus was a delightful space to escape the crowds and cool down with the air conditioning since the track was very hot and crowded on Sunday.  I brought my family (Mom, Dad, and Sister), and two friends with me to the track, and we all felt quite special getting to hang out on this awesome bus.
One of my favorite parts of the Haskell was how dressed up everyone got.  On Wednesday I said that Ladies' Day showcased how glamorous racing really is, but that is honestly a sentiment that carried through the whole weekend.  Not only does the fashion aspect demonstrate the glamour, but the tradition and class that come with this sport, as well.  I was in love with the hat that Victoria, an Ambassador for America's Best Racing, had on with the peacock feathers, it was just fabulous!  My Mom and sister got in on the fun with fascinators and I wore a big hat in the sun.  The girls from the Lilly Pulitzer Shops at Riverside were back on Sunday with the Lilly Jeep, and they looked so cute that I had to take their picture in front of it!  (Fun fact: They made the adorable hats they have on!)
We spent a lot of time in the paddock watching the horses be brought in and out; it's fun to watch the horses and then go bet on them because you get to see who you've picked.  The awesome people at America's Best Racing escorted us into the paddock and everyone really enjoyed getting to spend time in there.  We not only took pictures with our group, but with other bloggers that America's Best Racing had as guests, and of course of all the beautiful horses!
We all did a little betting at the track, but unfortunately we did not do well on the final race with our horses not coming in at all!  However I think everyone made a little money and had a good time so all was good.  It's quite interesting to listen to the people who know all about betting because it gets so complicated.  I feel like it's something though that once you learn, you've got it down; maybe one day I'll actually learn it!  However, for now I will stick to picking my horses based on names, numbers, colors, and pretty horses!
If you have a track near your house I recommend you to stop by and spend a few hours so you can experience this truly unique sport for yourself.  If you do this I really encourage you to dress up so you can enjoy the sport and all it has to offer in style!  This was a wonderful weekend and I hope to be able to go to next year's Haskell festivities!  Thank you to my family and friends for coming with me, and thank you to America's Best Racing, especially our favorite Ambassador Victoria, for having us!

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  1. What a fun event to attend to. Oh and I really love your dress, you look fab! =)


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