Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Must Haves

1. Netflix
I'm pretty sure that this is a must have for everyone!  I've been trying a new medication while I'm on break from school that is making me feel pretty sick so I've spent most of my time home watching Netflix in bed cuddling with Coco (my dog!).  I feel like I've gone through so many shows that my options are becoming limited; right now I'm watching Nurse Jackie, but I'm almost done so I would love to hear any recommendations!

2. Selena Gomez Revival
I'm loving Selena Gomez's newest album!  The songs are great and I've been listening to it on repeat. My favorite songs are Good for You, Same Old Love, Hands to Myself, and my newest Me & My Girls.  If you haven't listened to her new music I definitely recommend checking it out!

3. Headwraps 
Now that it finally feels like winter I'm all about headwraps to keep my ears warm.  I hate that feeling when you're walking outside (for me it's to and from class) when the wind is whipping at your ears to the point that they hurt and headwraps really help with it.  There are also so many cute ones out there, which makes them fun to wear too!  I recently picked up one with pearls on it that I absolutely love.

I only wash my hair every few days and this hair primer really helps to extend my style between washes.  You put this on damp hair from roots to tip and comb it through, then style as usual.  It's like a makeup primer for your hair and other styling products can be layered on top of it to create the perfect look.

I'm bringing this up again (you can also read about it here and here!) because I am obsessed with this featherweight facial oil.  It's completely changed my skin for the better - the results are incredible!  I highly recommend this for anyone looking for extra hydration or struggling with breakouts because it helps with both.

My sister got these for me for Christmas and I love them!  I've had my eye on them for a while and am so excited to finally have my own pair.  The thing I love most about them is that they can be dressed up or down, and I can't wait to dress them up soon.

So I talked about this last week too, but I've recently started using it and am hooked.  I've had a nasty cold and my nose has gotten so raw from constantly having to blow it, I've tried everything and so far this is the only thing that has helped it to heal.  I'm looking forward to finding other ways to use it too. 

I've had my Clarisonic for about a year now and I love it just as much now as I did when I got it.  I think it does an amazing job of cleaning my skin and has helped to clear up blemishes and blackheads.

What are your must haves of the moment?

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  1. I got a Kendra Scott necklace for Christmas and I am obsessed with it...I would love to get those earring next! The style extender sounds interesting, I want to try it!

  2. My Clarisonic just broke (I've had it for four years so I can't complain too much) but I want a new one ASAP! I don't know if you've seen it yet but I just started Reign on Netflix and I've become obsessed (it's totally more girly soap opera than history lesson, haha).


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