Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

I've been really into exfoliating lately and have been a fan of Mario Badescu's products for a while now so I picked this up a few weeks ago.  This is a chemical exfoliant (as opposed to a physical one like a scrub), meaning it uses alpha hydroxy acids like peach extract and lactic acid to help remove dead skin.  I think the really cool thing about this though is how it works, you apply a very thin layer on your face, leave it on for one minute, and then gently massage your skin until the peel "rolls" off.  I have to confess that I am kind of obsessed with this because it is not only fun to use, but it makes my skin incredibly smooth!

Mattel has recently given Barbie a makeover to promote body positivity.  The new Barbies come in three different body types and buyers will be able to customize things such as the doll's hair and skin colors, making Barbie a more realistic modern day girl.  As a Barbie lover I think it is really great that girls can now have Barbie's that will look more like them.  Check out this slideshow to see Barbie's Evolution from 1959 to 2016!

Favorite Picture St. Thomas of Villanova Church in the Snow
We had a snow day on Monday and one of my sorority sisters took this gorgeous picture of the church on campus and was kind enough to let me regram it!  I think the church always looks beautiful, but it's even more gorgeous in the snow.  If you want to see more pictures from the storm and around campus make sure to follow me on Instagram at @theblushblonde!

I've been really wanting to try a beauty subscription box for a while now, but to be completely honest all the subscriptions out there make it difficult to choose which one to get and I've been too overwhelmed to actually purchase one.  This article gives out great tips for which beauty boxes to buy and is super helpful!  I will definitely be looking into purchasing a beauty box using this article.

Favorite Funny Taylor Swift and Her Cats
Taylor Swift is absolutely hysterical with her cats!  I'm not usually a cat person, but I love seeing the pictures and videos (with funny captions) she posts of her cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, on her Instagram.  If you're looking for a good laugh scroll through her feed to check them out!

What are your favorites this week?

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  1. I also love T.Swift's cats. They have such big personalities. I feel the same way about my parent's cats! Jess at Just Jess

  2. I'm loving the new Barbies!! I've been tempted to get a beauty box so I'll definitely check out that article!!

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. Wow that photo in the snow is just breathtaking! :)

    We never get snow here, it always looks so pretty in photos!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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