Friday, July 10, 2015

Confess Sesh

I hope that everyone has had a great week & has some fun plans for the upcoming weekend!  I realized I haven't done a Friday confession session since all the way back in January so I figured I was way overdue for one.  Without any further ado...

|  ONE  | 
I confess that summer is a major motivation killer for me.  I have so many things that I need to & actually do want to do, but I just get the overwhelming urge to bask in those lazy summer days & enjoy my time off from school.  Does anyone else feel that way this time of year?!

|  TWO  |
I confess that I have been on a major Goldfish binge lately & it makes me feel like a kid again.  They are just so tasty!

|  THREE  |
I confess that I am beyond excited that the United States Women's National Soccer Team won the World Cup & that they are getting a Ticker Tape Parade in New York City!  However I am annoyed that every time they mention it on the news it seems like they have to throw in that the team hasn't won the World Cup in sixteen years.  I don't understand why they feel it's necessary to add a negative to the story when the USWNST has won more Women's World Cups than any other team & our Men's National Soccer Team has never won a World Cup.

|  FOUR  | 
I confess that I am Insta-obessesed lately (follow me at @theblushblonde!).  I am participating in another photo challenge this month & I'm just having so much fun putting together a post every day & I love that it challenges my creativity every day!

|  FIVE  |
I confess that I am loving the pictures from the Royal Christening.  The Royal Babies are just too cute & I always love Kate Middleton.

If you feel like sharing leave a confession of your own down in the comments!

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  1. I can completely relate to #1. It's so hard to be motivated to go take photos or write when all I want to do is go lay in the sun and eat banana splits! (True life confess sesh= my summer haha) It's kind of funny, but drinking an iced coffee ALWAYS motivates me. It's the darndest thing, and maybe it's completely psychological, but it seems to work for me every time. It's like if I drink a coffee then I know it's time for me to get ish done. Maybe it could work for you, give it a try. If not, at least you got some solid iced coffee ;)

    Shian | The Fashion Investigator

  2. I confess that summer is making me feel pretty lazy too...but I don't have time for that because I'm still taking some classes this summer! Following you on IG now :)

  3. I love to see that someone else is so excited about the USWNT winning the World Cup. What an incredible game! I was smiling like a goon all night after the win.

  4. Oh man I have been swooning over those pictures of the royal family all week! Could they be any more beautiful?! I think not.

  5. The Royal Christening photos are so so adorable and I can't have goldfish in my house or I will totally binge eat them. Oops!


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