Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty Confessional

|  ONE  |
I confess that in middle school it took me quite some time to get the hang of mascara.  I tried so many different brands before I could finally get it right and figure out how to stop it from constantly getting under my eyes.

|  TWO  |
I confess that I've always been fascinated with beauty products.  I have a distinct memory from when I was younger (maybe 3 or 4) of stealing my mother's bright pink Revlon lipstick and attempting to put it on, I instead ended up putting it on and all around my mouth and I had pink lipstick stains for a few days.

|  THREE  |
I confess that I have a have a fear of curling irons due to a childhood accident.  When I was little I used to love to watch my Mom get ready; one night she had the curling iron laying on the back of the toilet, I did not know this and climbed onto the toilet (which had the seat down) to sit and watch her do her makeup, I slipped, began to fall, and grabbed for something to hold onto, I instead grabbed the hot curling iron.  I had no skin on my hand for a long time and to this day curling irons still freak me out.

|  FOUR  |
I confess that in middle school I would also put like ten different products in my hair, none of which I needed.  I now cringe when I think of how many things I was putting in my hair - including hair spray when it was still wet so gross.

|  FIVE  |
I confess that I have a seriously bad beauty product hoarding issue.  I have so many random half used bottles of different products that I need to start using up and stop buying more.

Any beauty confessions of your own?  I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. I did the same with mascara! I look at some middle school pictures now and just cringe!

  2. Beauty hoarders unite! I really need to stop hoarding though and either finish the product or get rid of it.

  3. Mascara oh man I remember in 6th grade looking goth and NOT ON PURPOSE! Ugh! Its too fun to hoard that stuff....hello fun to be pretty!

  4. I also hoard beauty products! My problem was stemming from all my sample subscriptions! Had to stop those for awhile until I run out!


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