Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Lip Balms

When the temperatures begin to drop (like they finally have been!), skin begins to lose its moisture and dry out.  The skin on our lips is often the first place that the dryness affects and it leaves you with chapped and cracking lips, which can be quite painful. In order to treat or prevent winter lips I have put together a list of my favorite lip balms and also had several of my friends share their favorites too.

This is my go to lip balm that I always have in my purse.  I have it in Strawberry, as well but the Coconut Pineapple is definitely my favorite.  Kiss My Face is such an amazing brand that works to make all natural products and this lip balm has no parabens or artificial flavoring, which is perfect for sensitive skin.

I purchased this a while back one day when I was out shopping my lips were so badly chapped and I had left all of my other lip balm at home.  When I finally got this and put it on my lips it instantly soothed and hydrated them.  I have the unscented version of this, but I don't really love the smell of so I recommend getting the scented one if you're looking to buy it.  Overall, this is a thick lip balm that will absolutely save your lips.

I put this lip balm on every night before I go to bed.  It works as a treatment to repair and make the lips healthier while you sleep, which I can tell you it does!  If I do not use this before I go to bed (even if I just use a different lip balm) there is a significant difference in my lips and they dry out much more during the day.  For anyone suffering from severely dry and cracked lips (like me) this is must have to get your lips back to normal.

This luxe lip balm is a fan favorite for a reason - it works well to keep lips moisturized and smells amazing.  You can definitely tell the difference between this and a less expensive lip balm, you even feel lavish just applying it.  Since it's one of the more expensive lip balms on here I usually try to alternate this with my Kiss My Face ones for use during the day.

The picks here are from some of my fashionable and beauty savvy friends.  When I asked around about lip balm everyone instantly had a favorite that they regularly use.  Here are the lip balms that my friends deem the best out there!

Recommended by: Shannon, 23, Physical Therapy Student (Twitter: @shannonsamluk)
Shannon is a lip product connoisseur who uses many different lip balms.  She recently purchased this and is already loving it!  She said that with the cold weather coming up she will be using this a lot.

Recommended by: Lia, 22, Research Assistant (Instagram: @liadanielle1)
Lia loves lip balm, but Carmex is what she uses the most.  She calls it her "tried and true," and uses it often to keep her lips hydrated.

Recommended by: Jordyn, 22, Intern (The Fairy Princess Diaries)
Jordyn got this lip balm in her stocking last year and is completely in love with it.  She says, "I only use it when my lips are super chapped or if I've had a bad day because I'm savoring."  With her rave reviews I need to look into getting this for myself!

Recommended by: Bridget, 19, Student (Baby Hawk, Big Campus)
My sister is a total lip balm addict and was the perfect person to ask about lip balms.  Right now she is obsessed with the Sweet Mint EOS Sphere, which she can be found applying about 6,000 times a day. The great part about the EOS Sphere's is that they are gluten free and since Bridget has Celiac Disease this is a must for her.

Recommended by: Kristen, 22, Intern at QVC (Instagram: @kristenljohnston)
Kristen is one of the most fashion and beauty savvy people I know and I always turn to her for advice on the topics.  For every day use she recommends Bobbi Brown Lip Balm and says, "it's great when you're on the go, it enhances your lips and gives great shine without the use of lipstick."  She also notes that it is a little pricey, "but not crazy expensive and it lasts for a long time so it's worth the money."

All of the lip balm's listed here have been tested by myself or my friends and we have decided that they are lip balms that you should definitely be looking into.  Any of the options here will help to keep your lips feeling smooth and healthy throughout the winter months.  I always like using a few different lip balms so I will be checking out the ones listed here that I don't own!  Have you used any of the lip balms listed here?  What is your absolute favorite lip balm you've tried?  Please share below, I would love to know!

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  1. Fresh lip balm is always my go-to (though I need to get better about not losing them in my purses, haha) - love all of the different flavors!

  2. I am chapstick queen in the winter! eos has become my go-to now though. I think I have everyone they make haha


  3. I got a two-pack of the Sugar balms from Sephora for my birthday 2 years ago. Loved them, definitely felt the difference!


  4. I've been dying to try Sugar for some time now! The only lip product I've ever had a quasi-allergic reaction to is the EOS orb, but I managed to find a copycat generic orb that lacks the troublesome ingredient and is just as moisturizing - woo! Having the best lip balms out there is so so important when the temperature drops like this, so thank you so much for sharing your tips!


  5. My lips get super dry so I'm always looking for new lip balms. I LOVE the EOS Balm and so far it has been the only thing that works for me. But I haven't tried everything you've mentioned so now I have new products to try :)


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