Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Very Special Initiation

I've mentioned on here quite a few times that my sister was joining Alpha Gamma Delta at her new school, which happens to be the sorority I'm in.  I was so incredibly excited that we were not only going to be biological sisters, but sorority sisters as well.  When she was going through the rush process I tried so hard not to push Alpha Gam and to let her own decision; I have to admit though I was ecstatic that her decision was to go AGD.  I've had the most amazing experience since joining my sorority and knew she would too.  There's really something special about the bonds that you form with the girls in your sorority and I've made friends that will last a lifetime through it.
After pledging for most of the semester Sunday night was my sister's initiation.  Since I am a member of Alpha Gam I was eligible to attend the ceremony and my sister invited me to come!  I knew from a few of the girls in my sorority that older biological sister's in Alpha Gam are able to pin their younger sister's, which is something typically done by their Big.  When we were on our way to the initiation my sister said that she hadn't heard anything about me pinning her, and I told her I was just happy to be able to watch her get initiated.
After my sister's Pledge Mom came out to talk with the pledges I went into the initiation room with her, leaving my sister with her pledge class.  All the girls in her sorority were so sweet and welcoming. They immediately asked me if I wanted to pin my sister, and I told them only if it was ok with her Big because I didn't want to take that away from her (even though I was dying to pin her!).  They assured me that her Big was ok with it, and seated me at the front of the room with the other 'Pinners'. I was trying to be inconspicuous, but the President introduced me at the front of the room to everyone, which was so nice of her.  
I sat and watched the initiation unfold, which is something I've been through a number of times.  Each time I watch it though it reminds me just how lucky I am to be a part of such a wonderful organization - my favorite part of initiation is watching the new members experience everything for the first time.  When it came time for the pinning portion of the ceremony, I was so excited to get to pin my sister with my pin!  When we exited the room after pinning, my sister told me that she was so surprised and happy that I was the one to pin her.  The fact that she didn't expect it made it even better!
If you've been reading along here for a while, then you may remember that in the Spring my Mom was able to join Alpha Gamma Delta through an Mother Initiate program that our chapter had.  At that ceremony I got to pin my Mom with my pin, so now I've pinned every sorority eligible member of my family (sorry Dad!).  The fact that our Mom is a member of Alpha Gam makes my sister's initiation that much more important, it also makes pinning her a more significant event.  I love that I've been able to share one of the best decisions I've ever made with two of the people I'm closest to in life.  We're our own Alpha Gam Family now, which I love!
I want to say thank you so much to my sister for letting me come and be apart of your special day.  I also want to thank the girls from the Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter at St. Joe's University for allowing me to come to your ceremony; you were all so kind and welcoming to me, and I love knowing my sister is in such good company.  Finally I want to thank Alpha Gamma Delta as an organization for changing all of our lives for the better, I could not imagine my life without being a member!

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  1. You two look beautiful! How special! Thanks for sharing the story! :)

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  2. That is so awesome that you are now sorority sisters too! You both look beautiful! Congratulations to her!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Aw you both look lovely!


  4. This sounds awesome! Great that you two have such a strong bond as sisters :)
    xo Kristina

  5. I think it's so sweet that you and your sister (and your mom) are able to share AGD. Before my great grandma passed away she was able to share a lot of her special Tri delta memories with me and it made my experience that much more special.


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