Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An Insta Recap

If you've seen one of my Instagram recaps before (the last one is here!), then you know that I like to share my Instagram (@crumbsandcurls) pictures from the last month with all of you to give a little insight into what I've been doing. Instagram is definitely my favorite form of social media and I use it to document anything important that is going on in my life.  I am such a visual person, which is why I think I love Instagram so much, it's so fun to scroll through looking at all of the different and interesting pictures that people post.  Here I have ten pictures to share that will give you a short recap of some of the fun things in my life in the last month!

This picture was taken on the part of campus that I live on in the beginning of October.  It was such a beautiful day and I remember there was a chill in the air that was really making it feel like fall.  I was hoping that the wonderful autumn weather we were experiencing would be a preview for the rest of October, but unfortunately it was only a teaser and we experienced a roller-coaster ride of temperatures throughout the month.

When I was home for October Break my sister and our dog Coco coincidentally had on matching hoodies.  Coco has to wear little sweatshirts when it starts to get cold out or she shakes from being cold (which is just pitiful), and this day was a bitter one so my sister was wearing one too!  I thought it was so funny and couldn't pass up on sharing this adorable moment!

I went to Lush over break and they had these glittery pumpkin bath bombs stacked on a table.  I thought they were so pretty that I had to take a picture of them.  These are seriously pretty enough to decorate with; I know I would love to have a few pumpkins that look like these to use as decorations!  Unfortunately glitter really bothers my skin so I wouldn't be able to use one of these, but if it didn't I totally would've picked up one of them for myself.

I'm not usually a hot drink person, but I do love Skinny Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks.  They're pretty much the only warm beverage I enjoy and I especially love having them in the fall.  Having something warm on a crisp autumn day is perfection to me!

I always admire all the beautiful chalkboard art that I see on Pinterest and wish that I could do one for myself.  Last year I had picked up a framed chalkboard from HomeGoods and tried my hand at chalk art, but wasn't really good at it and gave up on it.  This year while decorating for Halloween I decided to try drawing on the chalkboard again and this is what I did.  While it's very basic I was thrilled with how it came out - it was definitely an improvement from what I could do last year.

Hoopsmania (my school's big kickoff for basketball season) was about a week and a half ago.  During Hoopsmania the team plays a scrimmage against each other and it is tradition to throw streamers on the court once the first basket is made.  This tradition is so special and makes for such a beautiful picture.  I have to say it is also quite amusing watching them clean up all the streamers because the floor gets covered in layers of them!  To hear more about Hoopsmania and what an awesome experience it is you can read more about it in this post.

The day after Hoopsmania was our Homecoming football game.  A few of my sorority sisters who graduated last year came to stay with me Friday and Saturday night, which was an absolute blast! Here are two of my favorite alumnae sisters and me at our sorority tailgate before the game.  I had never been to a tailgate at school before and we had so much fun.  In the past I didn't really celebrate Homecoming because I didn't know too many people that graduated, but I love that this year I got to see and spend time with so many of my friends that I really miss.

By now you may have figured out that fall is my absolute favorite season.  I took this picture a few years back and it's of the trees in the center of the apartment complex I live in on campus.  The trees on the center walkway turn the most gorgeous color red and are my favorite trees on campus because of it!  They always make for pretty pictures and I look forward to seeing them every year.  Recently I've been playing with the Studio App on my phone to edit my pictures and create designs on them, which is what I did here.  If you're into photography or design at all I really recommend checking out this app.

I never carve my pumpkins because I feel like that is just an Emergency Room trip waiting to happen with my clumsiness, which is something I always try to avoid.  So instead every year I design and paint my pumpkins to make them look pretty!  Since I am obsessed with monograms I decided this year's design would have to include one.  You can find the step by step instructions on how to make your pumpkin like this one here.  My favorite part about this pumpkin is that I can leave it out a past Halloween and into the Thanksgiving because of the coloring and decorative nature.  I even recommend making one of these for the center piece of your Thanksgiving table!

You know from yesterday's post that my sister was initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta (my sorority!) yesterday and my Mom was initiated last spring.  I thought it would be cute to put pictures from both of their initiations next to each other since I got to pin both of them.  I also thought a cheeky caption was needed for this post and wrote "That one time I made almost everyone in my family join Alpha Gam and they loved it!"

The pictures here are a little preview of what I have been doing lately.  Follow along with me on Instagram (@crumbsandcurls) to see all my day to day  adventures documented.  If you follow me on Insta leave a comment letting me know you're from the blog and that you followed and I will follow back!

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  1. LOVE that gorgeous fall foliage on campus, and I'm super impressed with your painted pumpkin!

  2. What awesome pics. I adore the fall too! And Starbucks of course :)


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