Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Is Inspiring Me

I did this post for Jenny's blog a few months back and thought that it would be fun to share it with all of you!


Color Palette:
Pink is my favorite color, which has translated into my love of blush and nude tones.  I especially favor these when it comes to fashion and decorating as I adore how they give everything a feminine and romantic feel.

If you've been around for a while then you've heard me rave about Nordstrom before.  I have been shopping at here for what seems like forever!  It is where my mom got all my clothes as a baby and a kid, so it was only natural to shop here through my pre teen and teen years, and now as an adult (if that's what I am?) this is my absolute favorite store.  To be honest what's not to love about the department store?  You can get clothes, shoes, makeup, home goods, and yummy food (seriously you can buy their delish salad dressing for like $6.00!), everything you need!  (Plus their BP. department is way more affordable than people think!)  

Favorite Pop:
I'm a major glitter girl, well tasteful glitter that is, it's the girly girl in me!  It adds a little something special to everything and can take a piece from basic to beautiful instantly.  Check out one of my favorite glitter crafts here.

Loving Right Now:
Cat-eye sunglasses are the epitome of chic right now, they call back a bit of old world glamour.  I'm really loving this pair by Miu Miu.

Style Icons:
Lauren Conrad- She is the queen of the feminine romantic look I mentioned above.  Lauren is the 'every girl' fashionista who's outfits work well in the real world.  From her days on Laguna Beach to present day her style has really evolved and she has grown into a bonafide style star who's outfits I always look to for inspiration when I'm getting dressed.
Blake Lively- There is no denying that she is the ultimate fashionista. Blake is always spot on in everything she chooses, which is why she always tops the best dressed lists. She's never afraid to be adventurous which is something I like to look to when getting dressed. Hands down Blake Lively is the star who's style I'm always coveting.
Olivia Palermo- She is the queen of street style.  While Olivia rocks it on the red carpet, I'm typically lusting over the looks she wears while walking her (adorable) dog or running errands.  She always knows what to pair together for the ultimate cool girl look, and I'm always taking cues from these pairings.

Lusting Over:
I am all about watches lately, especially rose gold ones.  Check out this post for all the watches I'm loving at the moment.  I recently picked this one up at Nordstrom and cannot get enough of it!

Favorite Flowers:
I'm not big on flowers as they typically bother my allergies, but I really love peonies.  They are so pretty and go perfectly with the whole feminine romantic vibe that I'm all about.  Tip: Put some pale pink peonies in a mason jar for a shabby chic look!

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  1. This is lovely! I also love pink peonies and would trade closets with Olivia Palermo in an instant :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo, K


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