Monday, October 7, 2013


Headbands are an accessory that I have always loved.  They are so versatile & are an easy way to change up your look.  The great thing about them is that there are so many styles that there is one for everyone!  Leighton Meester's character Blair Waldorf shot the headband to superstardom when she wore them nonstop during "Gossip Girl", Queen B was hands down the Queen of Headbands.

Ms. Waldorf was never afraid to experiment with her headband styles, wearing everything from oversized bows to pearls to a sailor knot.  She looks amazing in each of them proving that this is an accessory that you should experiment with too!

I've put together this list of super adorable headbands that anyone can wear!  You can find all the information on them here.


I feel like headbands in general are usually a "girly" item, but you can take it up a notch with a bow.  This one's nude color makes it super chic.


Jewled headbands are a great way to dress up your look, you can go boho with a natural stone like the turquoise one shown, or go dazzling with rhinestones or crystals.


I've been seeing this cat style headband on everyone lately, most notably on Taylor Swift in her video for "22".

Sailor Knot

Get a little nautical with this this simple & pretty headband.

Wrap Style

Wrap style headbands have been super popular recently, from turban styles to one that knot on your head, this is one of my favorite styles right now.


Who doesn't love a classic solid headband?  Bonus points for a color that contrasts against your hair color (dark colors for blondes & light colors for brunettes).


Adding some metal to a basic headband really takes it up a notch & looks super stylish.


A Tortoise shell headband is a very preppy style that goes with many things.


A headband like the two pictured above are appropriate for a night out, cocktail party, wedding, or any other dressy event.


Add an edgy twist to a typically girly accessory with tough studs. 

Which is your favorite style?

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  1. Headbands are my favorite when I want to look put together! :)

    PS: I love the layout of your blog... maybe you can teach me!? :)

  2. I love headbands!! I love how there are so many different styles of headbands and you can make them work with all outfits! :)

  3. I LOVE this post! Blair Waldorf can do no wrong and I'm so glad to see people still remember her! Gossip Girl is the only show I miss and I'm having major nostalgia now!


    I'd love it if you would check out my blog:

  4. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. Nature jewelry and apparel


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