Monday, September 23, 2013

What to Wear: Fall

If you couldn't already tell by this post, fall is my absolute favorite season.  There are so many great reasons to love fall, but three of my favorite reasons are: scarves, sweaters, & boots.  I've been waiting all summer for it to be just chilly enough to wear all three.   Since yesterday was the first official day of fall I thought it would be nice to put together a cozy outfit for when it starts to a little cold out.  This outfit is something I would wear to class, a casual day at work, or to a mid day football game.  I am obsessed with this sweater it's cozy, oversized, & I love the cream color.  Since it's long it's great to wear with leggings, I had no clue that Kate Spade made them, but now I want a pair of hers!  Pulling  on over the knee socks over your leggings, in the same color as the sweater, adds something extra to the outfit, leave them peaking out just above these adorable flat leather boots.  Finish your outfit off with accessories that add some color, a bright infinity scarf (bonus: it keeps you extra warm!), bold earrings in a complementing color, & finally an ornate ring.  I'm really liking this outfit, & will definitely be wearing something like it soon!

What is your favorite fall item to wear?


  1. i love fall too!! leggings are my fav piece of garment!!

  2. Couldn't agree more! Looking forward to wearing cozy sweaters and boots!

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