Monday, September 30, 2013

Grab-a-Date & My Weekend

Last Thursday was my sorority Grab-a-Date social event.  I had a great time & danced my booty off.  I brought one of my best guy friends as my date, which was super fun!  

Me & My Date.
I have the cutest sorority family & it was great to get to go out with them.  My big graduated last year & my twin brought her as her date, I was so happy to see her!

The whole fam, (left to right) my little, me, my big, my twin, my twin's little.
My side of the fam (left to right) my big, me, my little.

Aren't they so pretty?!  I totally loved the outfit I put together for this.  I'm a fail at blogger solo pictures so I had to get crafty to show off the whole ensemble.  

Only pictures with my shoes in it, which I cut out from a group picture.
Only picture with my clutch in it.
Outfit Breakdown:
The Dress.
You may recognize this dress, as it is the one I wore to my first day of classes.  It is from Smak Parlour, which is a boutique in Philadelphia.  It's so versatile & I knew it would be great for a sorority social event.

The Shoes.
Nude platform pumps by Jessica Simpson that I got for a steal at TJ Maxx last year.
The Clutch.
I showcased this clutch in this post.  I fell in love with it & just had to get it!  I picked it up from DSW in the pale pink color & was so excited to get to wear it.  It's super roomy for a clutch, & also very chic.  I just went to get the link for it to share, but it is actually sold out now.
The Belt.
The dress has belt loops because it came with a silver belt.  I wasn't loving the silver belt with the shoes & clutch so I switched it to a basic black patten leather belt.
I tried to lay low for the weekend since I was exhausted from Grab-a-Date!  On Saturday my dad came up & I went to the Villanova vs. University of Pennsylvania football game with him.
This is our stadium.
It was a gorgeous day & we stayed at the game until half time when we left to get some dinner.  My dad left his phone at my apartment so he had to come back up Sunday to grab it.  The reason I am telling you this is because he decided to bring Coco along for the ride!  I love getting to see her & she cuddled with me while I worked on homework, that was a great end to my weekend.
How was your weekend?  

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