Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Vogue

So my younger sister nannies for little triplets who turn 1 today.  Tomorrow is their big (175 people big) 1st Birthday Party.  It's at a local dinner club place & it's the first time I am meeting the babies, which I am so excited about.  My sister has shown me so many pictures & they are just perfect!  My sister & I decided that we needed to pick out their birthday presents because shopping for babies is so much fun, & is also something that we never get to do.  We needed to pick a few things up at Nordstrom so we decided we would get their gifts there since it's where my mom got all of our clothes when we were little.  There is 2 boys & a girl, & we knew that shopping for the little girl was going to be more fun then for the boys, but didn't realize how hard shopping for the little boys was going to be!  Let me start off by saying all of the little girl clothes at Nordstrom are ADORABLE, there were literally a hundred different things we could have brought for her.  When we walked into the baby section my sister found a little sparkly tutu dress that she wanted to purchase for her, but it would have taken up the entire budget our mother had given us, but to be honest we seriously contemplated buying it anyway because it was that cute.  This is what we landed up purchasing for her:
It's a baby bubble dress!  My sister & I are both in love it, I really love the neon pink that the hearts are.
So now onto the boys, it was so hard to find things for them.  The lovely sales associate helped us figure out the baby sizes & we determined that we wanted to get size 24 months, it seemed like all of the boys clothes were either size 3 months or size 3T.  We finally found something really cute that was the right size:
Plaid Quicksilver 'Little Old Men' shirts!  Their mom loves red, white, & blue so these are perfect.
We were a little bummed that we couldn't get the boys outfits (they didn't have any complete outfits like they did for girls), but really liked the shirts we picked out.  Overall, we had a very successful trip to the mall, & had a blast shopping for these babies.  I can't wait until I have kids in a few years, because little clothes are so cute!

Have you ever shopped for baby clothes?  If so where do you shop?

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