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Gift Guide: My Favorite Things

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Like last year I decided to put together my own version of  Oprah's Favorite Things to share with all of you.  I've worked hard to compile a list of my favorite things from 2018 that would make great gifts.  All of these are items I've loved throughout the year and they are sure to make anyone you're gifting them to very happy!

I picked this up at the Sephora VIB Sale and have seeing great results with my skin since I started using the products.  This set is also the same price as buying just the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream alone, so you're getting a lot more for your money.  If you have someone in your life with seriously dry skin this is the set for them!

I've been subscribing to this for a little over a year now and it was the first subscription box I ever tried.  For $10 a month you get five beauty samples sent to you each month from Sephora.  I love this because I get to try so many different products without having the purchase the full size.  It's such a fun way to try things I never would have and I look forward to getting it each month.

If you have anyone in your life who loves sheet masks this is a must gift.  My second subscription box is the Seven Lux Box from Facetory, which sends me seven different luxe K-Beauty sheet masks each month.  I cannot say enough good things about this box - the masks I've tried have all been of amazing quality and it's saving me money because I'm not buying sheet masks every time I see them.  There's also a smaller box with four masks each month that would also make a great gift!

4. Gap Gloves
Gloves are always really important for me when the temperatures drop and the last few weeks I've been loving the gloves from the Gap.  I have really, really small hands so I actually purchase my gloves from the kids section (I recently picked up this pair) and I was excited that Gap's fit me really well and were tech friendly.  If you have (normal) adult size hands these are so cute and also work with your smartphone!

I was initially sent this to review, but loved it so much that I keep repurchasing.  It tightens your skin, absorbs crazy fast, and smells amazing.  This has definitely become a holy grail item for me.

I've been using this for a few months and I think I actually prefer it over my Clarisonic now (insert shocked face emoji here).  This little silicone cleansing brush is so gentle, but gives such a deep clean.  It also has skin sensor technology that analyzes the skin type and moisture level in each zone of your face to create a personalized skin profile that is then sent to the Foreo app on your phone.  While I think everyone could benefit from this, it's especially perfect for any skincare junkies.

I have several different pairs of these earrings that I am constantly wearing because they go with just about everything and are very comfortable.  There's so many different stone and metal options that you're sure to find something for almost anyone (you can even have colors custom made on Kendra Scott's website or in their stores).  I have given these as gifts a few times and they're always a big hit!

I have been in love with Hanky Panky thongs since I first tried them in high school when the boutique I worked at sold them. They are super soft, don’t leave any dents or panty lines, and are the most comfortable thongs I own (hence why I’ve been wearing them for 10+ years). I’ve also gotten so many of my friends hooked on them too because they make the best gifts.

9. Poncho/Cape/Wrap
I've been very into wraps this fall because they're easy to throw on, yet look so chic.  I also think giving them as a gift is like the elevated version of giving a scarf.  The wrap I picked up this season was actually from Marshall's and such a great price so I recommend going there to check them out.  If you want shop online though Nordstrom has a good selection and I really like this one.

I've really gotten into baths more in this last year and I always need to have something to add to the tub to make it feel fancy and also to moisturize my skin, which is where Lush's Bath Bombs come in.  They have a very wide variety of options so you're sure to find one that suits everyone on your list.  This one is my absolute favorite though because it smells like vanilla and always leaves my skin hydrated.

11. Faux Fur Leopard Coat
I got a faux fur leopard coat last year for Christmas and I get so much use out of it!  It's so on trend and I love wearing it with different looks.  The one I own is sold out, but you can find great options everywhere from TJ Maxx to Nordstrom to ASOS and more.

12. Silk Pillowcases
When I was in Hong Kong in the beginning of the year I picked up a bunch of silk pillowcases in one of the market shops.  They have been a total game changer for me - they prevent wrinkles on your face and also help to make your hair healthier and shinier (they really work).  While this is a splurge silk pillowcase I recommend checking out the beauty sections in TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Homegoods for inexpensive ones!

This was another product that was gifted to me that I fell in love with.   This hair mask has a super concentrated formula (without fillers) that works to add deep hydration and shine, and eliminate frizz.  In addition to all of this it is also hands down the best smelling hair mask I’ve ever used - it’s got this sweet coconut/vanilla scent that isn’t overpowering and makes my hair smell delicious.

This is the one last gifted product that has really earned holy grail status for me.  I’m obsessed with the fine texture of this scrub that does an incredible job of really exfoliating your skin without irritating it. It’s also super moisturizing thanks to the light layer coconut oil it leaves behind on your skin. I use this in the shower or before a bath and am left with the smoothest skin!

I am always on the hunt for the best leggings and I have been very impressed with the pair I ordered form Lou & Grey a few months ago.  They're thick enough that they're perfectly opaque, are really soft, and have a super comfortable wide waistband.  These are great for anyone who loves a good pair of leggings!

16. Nike Sneakers
Sneakers are still having a moment and I have several pairs from Nike that I'm always wearing.  Sneakers are a great gift for workout nuts and fashionista's and are sure to make a hit.  I recommend checking out different places to get the best prices.  Right now these are my favorite pair and I picked them up at DSW!

17. Slippers
In my opinion slippers are a must have this time of year and almost always make for the perfect gift because you can never have too many pairs.  I really like fun slippers to add a whimsical touch to my pjs or loungewear.  I got this pair also at DSW, but I've seen cute pairs everywhere from Pottery Barn to Nordstrom Rack and more!

This easy to use mask is perfect to take on the go with you or to apply at home.  It's the perfect winter mask that works to combat dry, puffy, inflamed, and overworked skin.  It's been all over social media, but it really is worth the hype.  I love using this as a sleeping mask and I always wake up to glowing skin.

What are your 2018 favorite things?



  1. Omg! Those slippers are SO cute! I love wearing cute slippers!

  2. Hanky Panky is a great underwear brand! I love shopping them in the NSale. So many other cute picks- perfect for friends!

    xoxo A

  3. Loving your picks! All so perfect for friends/sisters/yourself! ;)

  4. #6, #11 & #15 ended up being Christmas gifts... to myself!! Why do I do that every time!?

  5. This is such a great guide! I actually want to buy some of these for myself haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. These are such cute and practical gifts! I need that leopard pillow in my life!

  7. Yes I love those Lou and Grey leggings! Also have to try so many things on this post, especially those masks! I know you're a mask lover so you definitely find the best ones! :)

    The Classic Brunette

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