Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saturday in the City

Jacket: Steve Madden (similar here)  |  Sweater: South Moon Under (similar here)  |  Jeans: Paige Denim  |  Boots: Sole Society  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Necklace: Kendra Scott  |  Sunglasses: Fendi (similar here)

On Saturday afternoon I made a trip into New York City to see a concert.  A friend of my Dad's offered him tickets and backstage passes to Alicia Keys' performance at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and I jumped at the chance to go.  I've mentioned on here before that I love New York City so I was excited not only to go to the concert, but to have some time in the city too.

We decided to drive up early so we could walk around and get something to eat before the concert.  If you're ever driving into NYC I highly recommend parking with Icon Quik Park, they have locations all over the city and you can make a reservation and prepay all online; it is not only super convenient, but it also saves you money.  We parked near Lincoln Center and spent some time walking around.  I had been to Lincoln Center once before, but didn't have enough time to really look around so I was excited that I got to see more of it and check out what shows they have coming up.

Once we were done we went to P.J. Clarke's for a late lunch early dinner.  We both had cheeseburgers and french fries, which were really good and very filling.  If you're a fan of Gossip Girl checking out their West 63rd Street location is a must because it is right next to Chuck's Empire Hotel.  After finishing our meal we started walking up town a little ways, but eventually hailed a cab because it was quite a long walk to the theatre.

We got to the Apollo Theatre at about 5:30 PM and had to wait outside for a few minutes for my Dad's friend to bring us our passes.  While we were waiting we saw Alicia Keys' promotional van pull up and got to see a few people give interviews about her.  I also went in to check out the theatre's gift shop, which was great.  

After about ten minutes we got our passes and were ushered backstage where the concert crew had a full food services table, a private bathroom, and a place to store our coats.  We could've eaten more food there, but instead went up to check out the theatre and were actually able to sit in on Keys practicing, which was amazing.  I got to watch her sing, run through the show, and work with the crew.  I have to say that after seeing all of this and seeing her backstage after the show she is such an incredible and kind person.  She was so sweet to everyone around her and seemed to be friends with her crew, there was never a "diva" moment in sight and she was genuine and very humble.  Once her practice was over we hung out in the theatre until the show.

The concert was to celebrate the launch of Alicia Keys' new album Here.  She played the album in its entirety and was the first time she had done a show like this.  Keys is an amazing performer and her energy spread through the entire theatre.  There was an incredible vibe at the concert and the excitement of everyone in attendance was palpable.  I didn't know it was possible, but her voice and piano skills are even more impressive in person.  loved her new songs and highly recommend checking out the album.

After the show we got to go backstage again and this time Alicia was there.  I wasn't able to get a picture with her, but she was so nice during the brief moment I spoke with her.  We then attended the after party for a little bit before heading back down towards where our car was.  We had eaten around 4:00 and by the time we left the concert it was after midnight so needless to say we were starving!  Since P.J. Clarke's was near our car and we had enjoyed our lunch/dinner so much we decided to grab a late night bite before leaving.  I convinced my Dad to get all appetizers, which was just what I needed.

The whole night was so much fun and such an amazing experience.  I feel so lucky that I was able to do this and am so thankful for it!

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  1. How fun! I love Alicia Keys! Loving this look on you. Those boots!!

    xx, Elise

  2. I love your boots! Looks like a fun time!

  3. I love this casual look! The leather jacket and the otk boots are great with this look!

  4. Love the look and happy you had such a great time in the city!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  5. I've been to NYC a few times and have loved the brief trips I took. This sounds like an incredible experience!

  6. I love your tan OTK boots! I bet they go with everything!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  7. Love that outfit! Those OTK boots are fab.

  8. Icon Quik park is the best! I actually just parked with them over the weekend because I love that you can make a reservation ahead of time so you're guaranteed a parking space.

  9. What a fun night! I love those boots, I think I need them!

  10. Looks like you had tons of fun! xx

  11. Sounds like a great time! I love that color boots with the black leather jacket!

  12. Oh my gosh this sounds like such a fun experience. I love hearing about the celebrities that are kind and gracious with their fans!

  13. That seriously sounds so amazing! I love Alicia Keyes.

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co

  14. I love your bag! That looks so fun.

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