Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lea Black Beauty Gift Guide

When you give someone skincare products for Christmas you are helping to give them the gift of clear skin.  I personally love receiving beauty items (especially skincare) as presents because it is a great way to try new products.  One of my favorite beauty brands right now is Lea Black Beauty.  If you've seen my previous posts on this brand (here and here) then you know that the brand's namesake, Lea Black, is an author, business entrepreneur, philanthropist, and star on the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Miami.  Lea has over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry and her products were created with the goals of helping people to take care of their skin and to combat many of today's skincare problems.  Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite products from the brand all of which would make great gifts for the holidays! (Also make sure to read through to the end of the post for a special discount code just for you!)

This kit gives you a noninvasive, instant face lift.  This was the first item in Lea Black's skincare line over twenty years ago and is still one of their best selling products.  I love how you mix the Facial Contour Lift Gel and Facial Contour Lift Powder to create the mask yourself.  The mask helps to reduce the signs of aging, minimize enlarged pores, and to treat blemishes, among other benefits.  After leaving this on for twenty minutes you (or the lucky person you gifted this to) will have firmer, lifted, tightened, and more toned skin.

This is hands down my favorite product in the Lea Black Beauty line and you can read my full review on it here.  This is a combination product that contains both chemical and physical exfoliants to help give you the best exfoliation possible.  The chemical exfoliant in this product is lactic acid, which is often praised for it's ability to effectively exfoliate skin without causing irritation and tiny beads are used as the physical exfoliant, which will help to gently remove dead skin cells.  Other ingredients include a natural extract complex of Aloe Vera, Grapefruit, Licorice, Cucumber, Green and White Tea, essential oils, Sunflower, Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid.  All the ingredients come together to not only exfoliate, but to encourage cell regeneration, remove impurities, and refine skin's texture to reveal skin's natural radiance.

This rich cream is my second favorite product in the line and you can read my full review on it here.  This luxe facial cream features a concentrated formula that is an ultra-rich, anti-aging, antioxidant moisturizing, and hydrating.  It advances skin's water retention abilities, deeply hydrates, smooths wrinkles, plumps skin, and improves firmness.  It is so powerful that in just two days it increases skin moisturization by 500%.

This serum is meant to be  used in conjunction with the Intensive Moisture Renewal Créme or Everyday Moisture Lotion Face and Hydrating Eye Créme.  With just a few drops (a little goes a long way with this!) applied to skin this works to strengthen, renew, and revitalize skin.  It features "a proprietary blend of fruit extracts that enables higher performance from the retinol without the irritation," and boosts the formation of collagen fibers.  Apply this under either of the aforementioned moisturizers for radiant skin.

The mild facial cleanser contains real pearl extracts and marine minerals to help to gently exfoliate skin without drying it out.  It also contains a powerful anti-aging complex with ingredients such as vitamin C and grape seed oil.  This can be used both morning and night to gently cleanse your skin and reveal clean, moisturized, soft, and brightened skin.

This is a lightweight hydrating lotion that is easily absorbed by the skin.  It is "is infused with a natural extract complex made up of Aloe Vera, Grapefruit, Licorice, Cucumber, Green Tea and infused with Vitamin A and E, Mango Seed, Cocoa and Shea Butters and a-Lipoic and Hyaluronic Acid."  These ingredients work to fight the visible signs of aging, promote firmness, and moisturize.  Using this will leave your skin hydrated, soft, and glowy!

The people over a Lea Black Beauty were kind enough to give me a code to share with all of you that will give you 20% off all of their products!  That means that you will be getting a discount on any holiday presents you purchase from Lea Black Beauty!  Enter this code at checkout for your special discount:


*I was given these Lea Black Beauty Products by Lea Black to facilitate my post, however opinions of these products are all my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Blush Blonde!

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