Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites

My best friend sent me this on Pinterest and I thought they were the cutest little shots I've ever seen!  I've been a huge fan of Jello shots (they're so fun!) for a while now and this recipe from A Beautiful Mess looks delicious.  I've always been a little intimidated by fancy Jello shots, but these actually look easy to make and the step by step pictures included with the recipe are super helpful!

Favorite Summer Accessory Sassy Pool Floats
Sassy pool floats have been popular for the last few years and I think they are the greatest!  Urban Outfitters has a good selection and the ones below are from there.  You can find the flamingo here, and the seashell here.  I also love the swan, pretzel, and donut floats too!  Any of these adorable floats are sure to make a huge hit at the pool.

Favorite 4th of July Fun American Flag Donuts
With 4th of July a little over a week away it's time to start planning some festive fun.  I came across these donuts from The First Year on Pinterest and thought they were so much fun and are sure to make your day extra festive.  They would be great for 4th of July brunch or dessert at a party!

Favorite Decor Office Inspiration
My Mom and I are moving in a few weeks and I want to upgrade my desk situation in my bedroom to make it look more office like.  I've been searching Pinterest for ideas and fell in love with girly chic office decor.  I've been thinking of doing my room in pink, white, and gold so this is giving me a lot of ideas!

I have been loving co-ords for sometime now and think this one from Lulu's is gorgeous.  It would be beautiful for a variety of different events and is perfect for the summer.  I love it so much I might have to get it for myself!

What are your Friday Favorites?

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