Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Must Haves

This shimmery powder is absolutely gorgeous!  I've been using it as a light highlighter because it doesn't deposit a lot of color, but more of an iridescent shimmer that looks beautiful.  I especially love the way it looks along the tops of cheekbones layered over blush.  I rocked it all through graduation and senior week and am completely hooked.  You can even dust some on your decollage and cleavage for special events and it gives a light, tasteful sparkle!

This is hands down my favorite chemical exfoliant and it's fun to use.  You apply a thin layer of this, wait one minute, then massage your face to roll off the cream and all the dead skin comes with it.  My face is always super smooth and looks glowy after I use this.  I alternate between this and a physical exfoliant three nights a week to free my face of any dead skin cells.  This is a must have all the time in my book.

The skin on my face has been so incredibly dry the past few months and this has been an absolute lifesaver!  Once a week, I wash my face, apply this, then leave it on as long as I can before wiping it off with a damp washcloth and applying moisturizer.  I have seen a huge improvement in my skin since I started using it and it is worth the price for how well it works.  If you're experiencing dryness on your face you have to try this!

I've been using a sample of these that I got using my Sephora Beauty Reward Points.  Oh my gosh these are AMAZING!  Seriously one of the best skincare products I have ever used and I don't say this lightly.  After a few days of using these my skin has looked the best it ever has - my pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin literally glows.  When I'm done with my sample I will be purchasing the full size!

I love dry brushing my body before I get in the shower.  It really helps to get rid of dead skin and keeps skin smoother than using an in shower exfoliant.  The best thing I've discovered though is that it helps with Keratosis Pilaris and mine has essentially disappeared.  I'm thinking about doing a post on dry brushing sometime soon!

My eyelashes are naturally super long and my bottom lashes touch under my eyes, which means I've always had an issue with mascara flaking and rubbing off under my eyes.  I really didn't want to have to worry about wiping away flakes all night for my senior ball and during graduation so I decided to gave this a try and fell in love with it.  This is the only mascara I've ever used that actually stays on my bottom lashes until I take it off.  I use Diorshow on my top lashes and then apply this to my bottom lashes and love the look.  To be honest I always thought bottom lash mascara was a gimmick, but I don't think I will ever go back to not using it now.

Lately I have been super obsessed with sheet masks and all their amazing benefits.  I've been trying so many different ones from Sephora and Ulta and have been loving the results I'm getting.  I've been doing a sheet mask once a week now and even have my Mom hooked on them!  While I've tried a bunch my favorite so far has been the Too Cool for School Egg Cream Sheet Mask, it both hydrates and brightens skin leaving it looking amazing.

With all of the events I've been to this month I have been using this constantly.  The weather has been so crazy this month - hot, cold, rainy, humid, that I need this to keep my eyeshadow in place through it all.  If you have oily eyelids you need this to keep everything in place and looking amazing through anything.

What are your must haves of the moment?

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  1. After reading this post I feel like my beauty wish list has doubled!

  2. I always love your beauty suggestions. I also use the urban decay shimmering powder, it is so pretty! I need to try the peeling exfoliant it sounds super refreshing!

  3. LOVE Urban Decays primer! It's so good! I've also been wanting to give the GlamGlow a try!


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