Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Ten: Hostess Gifts

With the holiday season in full swing you are sure to be invited to countless gatherings to celebrate.  As I'm sure your mothers' taught you, like mine taught me, when you head to a party bringing a gift to the hostess is a must.  Here I have for you ten hostess gifts that I know I, and I'm sure anyone else, would be ecstatic to receive.  I personally like to bring something a other than a bottle of wine for two reasons, first everyone brings a bottle of wine and I like to be different, and second if someone can't have wine then they're stuck with a bottle they can't enjoy.  Any hostess would be glad to get one of these luxe gifts and will be sure to bring you something great next time they come to visit you.  While I do love everything on the list I would have to say my favorites are the super fun Kate Spade Glitter Coasters and the yummy smelling Voluspa Visions of Sugar Plum Candle.  What is your favorite thing to give as a hostess gift?

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Welcome to Tutu Tuesdays a linkup with The Blush Blonde and The Fairy Princess Diaries!  This week in addition to our usual linkup Jordyn and I have a fun holiday project we've decided to incorporate into Tutu Tuesdays. Blogging is a wonderful social outlet that has allowed us to make so many new friends all over the world and we want to help bring a little holiday cheer to our blog friends with a Tutu Tuesdays Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

How it Works:

Each participant will fill out a sign-up form with some personal info to help ensure you get a gift you love.  Participants will then be randomly assigned a partner whose survey information will be sent to them directly via email. Each participant has roughly three weeks to shop for a gift for their partner and mail the surprise.

Fill out the GoogleDoc Survey as completely and accurately as possible. The more information you give to your Secret Santa, the more likely you are to love your gift! Please only sign-up if you will follow through and send a gift to your assigned partner, we want everyone who signs up to receive a gift. If you do sign up and need to drop out for any reason please let Jordyn or me know prior to November 27th.

Important Dates:
Official Sign up ends: Friday November 27th
Receive information about the budget and blogger you will be surprising: Monday, November 30th
Shop for your Secret Santa: Monday, November 30th - Friday, December 18th
Mail Secret Santa Gifts: On or before Friday, December 18th

There are just a few rules we ask you follow to join in on Tutu Tuesdays:

1. Please follow both Jordyn and me, your lovely hosts, on Instagram and/or Bloglovin.
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2. Link to your specific post, not your blog's main page.
3. Grab our super cute button or share a link to Tutu Tuesdays in the post you are linking up so everyone can know about the party!
4. Have fun and mingle with other bloggers that have linked up!  Like I said we want everyone to make new friends!


  1. Is it bad that I still haven't really been to the type of party where you bring a hostess gift?! I feel like I'm missing out on something. Though when I lived with my ex milliions of years ago and we had a housewarming party for our new place, some of the people brought us gifts. I love all of these ideas! The next (first?!) time I'm invited to a party, I'll have to bring one of these. Especially that wine bottle topper!

  2. Great picks! I especially love those mustache glasses! So cute!



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