Monday, November 30, 2015

Celebrity Style Obsession: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington's alter ego Olivia Pope is known for her covetable style, but did you know that Washington's own wardrobe rivals that of her ├╝ber stylish television character's?  Kerry is always impeccably dressed whether on the red carpet, running between appearances, hitting up the talk show circuit, or wherever else she may be heading.  Her style is a beautiful mix of girly and edgy.  She's never afraid to mix prints or rock bright colors, but she also knows what looks good on her and will go back to silhouettes that work best for her.  Kerry uses her hair and makeup to accentuate her natural beauty and they always compliment her outfits nicely.  She is definitely a style star to keep an eye on and serves as great fashion inspiration, it's no wonder she is always making best dressed lists!  Pictured here I have some of my favorite looks that the star has worn.  Now the only thing to decide is who's style do you like more Kerry's or Olivia's?!

Which of Kerry's looks is your favorite?

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  1. I love her style. Even when I don't love what she's wearing, I can appreciate that she always pushes the envelope. She branches out.

  2. Wow she really does have great style! I don't think I've ever really noticed before but she is darling!!


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