Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Style: Rompers

For me, rompers are a must have for spring and summer.  They are easy, chic, and comfortable, what more could you ask for?  While I have quite a few rompers in my closet, I'm always looking for new ones to add to my collection.  I love looking on Pinterest and seeing how other people style their rompers, below are a few of my recent favorites.

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Taking inspiration from the pictures above I've picked out a few rompers that I'm really loving.

Long sleeve rompers are perfect for cooler spring and summer days, I also like wearing them when I know I'm going to be outside because the sleeves give a little extra sun protection.  Short sleeve, sleeveless, and strapless rompers are great for when the temperatures start to really rise, I love to wear them when it's sweltering because the one piece is so simple and fuss free.  At this point I feel like rompers are essentially interchangeable with dresses, they have the ability to be dressed up or down and are such a versatile piece.  All of these great qualities make rompers a wardrobe staple for me and a classic summer style.  For me an 'LBR' or 'Little Black Romper' is definitely a summer style staple because it can be worn so many different ways, if you don't have one in your closet I recommend getting one for this summer.  After you get an LBR, go crazy with fun prints and textures and have fun with your different rompers!

Do you love rompers for summer?

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  1. Yes!!! I have become OBSESSED with rompers. I love that lacy navy one from urban!

  2. I love love love rompers, they are so easy and comfortable.

  3. Great picks! I absolutely LOVE the white one with the navy flowers! So cute!

    The Closet by Christie

  4. I love rompers, love this whole post. Rompers are so versatile!

  5. I recently got a romper similar to the blue floral one with long sleeves you have here. I love it!


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