Friday, February 13, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Friday the 13th and (early) Valentine's Day!  I feel like we just celebrated Christmas, and cannot believe that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, it feels crazy.  I think that whether you're single or taken Valentine's Day can be a fun day - it's just what you make of it!  No matter your relationship status everyone should have a Valentine and get them a little something to celebrate.  I know everyone is crazy busy and a few of us probably haven't had the chance to pick something up so here are a few last minute gift ideas for everyone in your life from your friends to your parents to yourself!

For Your Friends:
What girl doesn't love beauty products that pamper?  If you're looking for something cute to get for your friends any of these sweet, natural, and Valentine's Day themed LUSH products are sure to brighten their day.

For Your Mom:
Moms do so much for everyone in their lives, so it's nice to show a little extra appreciation whenever you can.  These adorable Kate Spade earrings are very appropriate for the holiday and will be a sweet edition for to your mom's jewelry collection.

For Your Dad:
If your Dad is anything like mine he's been giving you Valentine's Day gifts and cards for as long as you can remember; this year show him how much you've always loved that by getting him a present. This set is the ultimate bar kit and holds all the essentials, it is perfect for when your dad is attempting to hone his bartending skills.

For Your Siblings:
If you want to get something for a sibling a gift card to Starbucks is a great idea.  Just about everyone I know would be thrilled to get one of these and you can get them for only $10, which keeps it small, but is still very appreciated.

For Your Pet:
My sister showed me a statistic the other day that this year people will spend $703 million on Valentine's Day gifts for their pets!  This cute heart toy is sure to make any dog very happy.

For Your Man:
It doesn't necessarily have to be whiskey, but getting a monthly club membership for your man's favorite alcohol makes for an awesome gift.  The bonus is that all you have to do is order it online and his membership will begin, how easy is that?

For Yourself:
I always think it's fun to get yourself a present for the holidays!  This Kate Spade watch is too cute and super appropriate for the holiday of hearts.

So hopefully this list will be some help to any last minute shoppers!  Are you done with all your Valentine's Day preparations or are you still looking for the perfect gift?  Let me know below and make sure to have a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day!

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  1. I love the earrings you picked for moms - I like them enough for me!!

  2. This year is already flying by! So crazy! All of these are such great gift ideas!


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