Monday, July 28, 2014

Instagram Lately + a Giveaway

I have an Instagram addiction, which if you follow me on Insta I'm sure you know (by the way if you don't you totally should do that now).  For a little less than two months I have been participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge  and am absolutely loving it.  It has challenged me every day to find something in that day that has made me happy whether it's something I've eaten (which let's be honest always makes me happy), a quote I've seen, or something I've done.  It's such a great thing to force yourself to stop and look at what makes you smile.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite 100 Happy Days posts here with all of you and hopefully encourage you all to join in the fun with me here!

This is from a walk that my sister and I took around a lake that we live near.  It's such a gorgeous place and I have really taken the time to enjoy it this summer more than I ever have in the past.  Sometimes you forget to take in the beauty around you, but I feel like this challenge has really reminded me to do that and I love it!

Here is my little lovebug Coco and me hanging out in my backyard.  My Mom was taking pictures of me for this post and Coco wanted to get in on the fun.  One of my favorite things about being home in the summer is getting to spend time with Coco because I miss her so much when I am at school.

If you're in Philly or NYC (or anywhere else they have a location) you need to check out Max Brenner!  This is at their Philadelphia location.  It's one of my favorite restaurants and I always order these waffles, they are to die for.

A Throwback Thursday to sitting pretty at a marina in Mykonos.  I love the scenery in this picture and the beautiful blue water that was absolutely crystal clear.  I love using #tbt to share more pictures from my trip to Greece in the beginning of the summer.

This is my sister and me hanging out in the paddock at Monmouth Park Racetrack during an event we went to at the start of the month.  We had so much fun this day and I love getting dressed up to go to the track; there's  just something about the hats and horses that is so glamorous.

When I had surgery a few weeks ago I devoured this book in a week.  It is so good and laugh out loud funny.  If you are looking for a good beach read you seriously need to get this, and the book that came before it.  Be prepared to not want to put it down!

My best friend of 22 years lives halfway across the country from me and made sure I had flowers when I had my surgery.  It made me feel so lucky that I have the sweetest, kindest, and most amazing best friend a girl could ask for.

I finally got around to getting business cards for this little space and I absolutely love them!  They make me feel like such an adult and like a more legitimate blogger.

I found this on We Heart It and am obsessed with it.  I feel like this picture very accurately describes my life; it's just complete perfection.

This picture is my Mom and me at yesterday's Monmouth Park Racetrack's William Hill Haskell Invitational that we attended with America's Best Racing.  We spent the whole weekend there and I have a few pictures on my Instagram account from it, including one with the Lilly Pulitzer Jeep!  Later in the week I will be posting about the great time I had this weekend.

This is what I've been up to lately and have been documenting it all on Instagram.  I would love for you all to follow along here and like I said above I encourage you to try the 100 Happy Days Challenge it is really something special.  Have a great rest of your day!


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  1. Happy Monday! Coming over from Life of Meg's Monday blog hop, and leaving you with likes, follows, and comments!

  2. Sunscreen would have to be one of my summer essentials as well as a tumbler cup, take it with me everywhere.

    A full list of my summer essentials, List #1 && List #2

  3. Wow, I found this on NE Bloggers and very excited I did. I love your photos, I only wish my camera phone wasn't terrible. I'll be following your blog and instagram now. What a great idea for a blog entry. I love your business cards, what a wonderful idea!

  4. I have a little one so our must have are sunscreen, drinks and simple snacks


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