Friday, July 11, 2014

10 Reasons for 10 Inches

Hi! It's Kristin's younger sister Bridget! I am writing for her today while she is recovering from her surgery.  I had written a post back in January for her about my favorite color being black, along with most dark colors, but in case you didn't get to read it let me tell you about myself a little so you get to know me better!
Age: 19
Occupation: Full time Student at St. Joseph's University / Part time Babysitter
Favorite Starbucks Drink: I love so many but I'm usually a Caramel Macchiato person iced or hot depending on the weather.
Favorite Place: The beach! Hands down!
Favorite food: Sushi.
Something I Always Have: Chapstick! I am obsessed and never go anywhere without one!

So now that you know a little about me, here's my post...

From the time I was little until I was in fifth grade I always had short hair. My mother would always tell the women cutting my hair to make sure to 'wedge' the back, so I actually started calling it a 'wedgie', and when I was old enough I would tell the women to 'give me a wedgie' whenever I went to get it cut. So until I was in fifth grade I always had my hair cut above my ears, but finally I had decided I was ready for a change and grew my hair out. 

My hair was never as short as it had once been, but I went through phases of cutting it, growing it longer, and just going with whatever I had felt like. However in high school I decided I wanted super long hair, and let it grow and grow. One week last year my hair was the longest it had ever been and it was suddenly driving me insane. I couldn't stand it. So out of impulse I went to the salon on a Saturday morning and told my hair stylist, who has been cutting my hair for years, to cut off ten inches so I could donate it.
I had always wanted to donate my hair but it had never been long enough in the past. My hair stylist put my hair in hair ties and with two snips my hair was gone. I had felt anxious and nervous until my hair was dried and I finally got to look at it. I had mixed emotions, but was so happy that I had cut it off so that somebody who needed the hair could get it. 

Today I have a list of ten reasons that I came up with to encourage everyone with long hair to donate their hair:

1.  There is somebody out there who is having the battle of their life who could use your hair a lot more then you can.

2. You can make somebody who is feeling hopeless, feel beautiful again.

3. The feeling I had when I received a letter thanking me for donating my hair made me feel amazing; it may sound selfish, but donating my hair made me feel great that I was doing something for someone else.

4. Your hair will grow back! Its been over a year since I cut my hair and it is almost as long as it was before I cut it.

5. Cutting that much hair gets rid of all of the dead ends; my hair felt so much healthier afterwards!

6. For the summer it's really nice not having all that extra hair in the way!

7. It's a good way to change up your look!

8. If you were battling with cancer you would want somebody else to donate their hair.

9.  It's something that you can do multiple time, in this case hair is a renewable resource.

10. You can encourage your friends to donate their hair too once they see you do it!
I encourage anyone who is thinking about donating their hair to do it! You will feel great afterwards and you will be helping somebody! I'm already growing my hair out again so I can donate it again in the future!  Thanks for reading my post!


  1. I love this, Bridget! I donated my hair almost exactly a year ago and it was the third time in my life I'd done it. People always ask why I did it and I just tell them that someone definitely needs me hair more than I need that extra bit (14 inches lol) they cut off!

  2. I actually have the opposite hair story: long forever and then a few years ago (almost a decade?!?) I cut it all off and I love it super short (I call it my little boy haircut!) I wish I'd known more about donating back then!

  3. You're so amazing for donating hair. I haven't done it yet , sadly.

  4. This is awesome! I wish I had 10 inches to give... my hair grows at turtle speed and I hate when it gets too long (aka below my shoulders)

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  6. This is such a good initiative that you have taken. I'm glad to be part of Indique Virgin Hair company as they make their hair extension from the hair donated by the donor


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