Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Splurge or Save: Carry On Bags by But First, Coffee

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Today I'm bringing you a post by Kallie from But First, Coffee.  Kallie blogs about all my favorite topics and I always love reading her posts.  I was so happy when she said she would do a post for me while I am abroad because I knew she would do an amazing post and I was right!  I love that she did a travel themed posts and even mentions the bag that I purchased as my carry on bag for this trip.  After you're done reading over here, make sure to check out But First, Coffee!


Hi all! My name is Kallie and I blog over at But First, Coffee. I like to write about all sorts of things like beauty products, fashion, life, D.I.Y and recipes!  Thanks to Kristin for letting me take over her blog for the day. I figured since Kristin if off jet-setting, it'd be appropriate to share some cute carry-on bags for flying. I chose some splurge bags and some save bags, to give your wallet a little choice in the matter.
All-Weather Weekender:

Classic Leather Bag:

Preppy Patterned Tote:

Which carry-on style are you most likely to go for?  What are some of your must-have items in your carry on bag?

Thanks again to Kristin for giving me a chance to post on her lovely blog today!


  1. I love the two bags from Forever 21. That's once again becoming my favorite store for deals!

  2. I need to start checking out F21 - those bags are great!

  3. Love the save picks! Especially that bag from Gap. I will totally have to go check it out :)

  4. I love Kallie's blog! So nice to see her here too! I love the F21 bags, geez, I need to get there asap!


  5. I love Longchamp bags, but I've never been willing to splurge on one. That bag from Gap looks like a great alternative!

  6. I have that black Longchamp bag and it is the BEST travel bag ever! I bring it everywhere!

  7. I kind of love the idea of a backpack for a carry on bag.. Man I really AM into everything 90's right now!
    Nikki at

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