Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shower Tips

So from all of my obsessive beauty research over the years I have learned so many showering tips that make for the most efficient beauty shower out there.  

-Start with hair first.
-If using a Baking Soda Shampoo Alternative apply to dry hair & scrub scalp for 30 seconds - 1 minute.
-If using shampoo, make sure your hair is saturated with water before you apply your shampoo.
-Only shampoo the roots of your hair.
-Rinse out shampoo or baking soda for at least 1 minute to remove all residue.
-Squeeze out as much water as you can before you apply conditioner.
-Apply conditioner to the bottom 2/3 of hair, avoid the roots.
-Comb conditioner through hair (comb from roots to tips for less hair loss).
-Leave in for as long as you can (I usually leave in while I shave my underarms & legs).
-Rinse out conditioner with cold water to boost shine.

Face & Body
-Wash underarms once before shaving to remove deodorant that can build up in your razor.
-Use a deodorizing soap to wash underarms & feet.
-After washing underarms once, soap up again to shave; underarm hair grows in all directions so you need to shave up, down, & from each side (4 directions total).
-Keep one razor in the shower for shaving underarms, keep the razor facing up & away from the spray of the shower.  
-Keep another razor outside of the shower for legs & bikini line, I've found keeping it outside of the shower & brining it in only when shaving it helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
-Wash your face after you rinse out conditioner.
-Wash your chest & back last with anti acne wash to remove all the residue from washing your hair.
-Scrubbing your face & body is most effective when in the shower, as the warm water & steam open up the skin's pores.

After Shower
-Make sure to clean ears throughly with a cotton swab to avoid unsightly & painful ear pimples.
-Apply lotion to face & body as soon as you get out of the shower to lock in moisture.
-When applying hair products to damp hair avoid applying to the roots.
-Use a heat defense spray or cream to protect hair.
-Allow hair to air dry a little before blowdrying.
-Make sure your hair is 100% dry before flat ironing or curling to avoid damage; there is a difference between hot hair & dry hair so let your hair cool down after blowdrying to make sure that it is really dry.
-Apply makeup after styling hair so it doesn't get ruined or melt in to skin (causing breakouts!) while drying, flat ironing, or curling.
-When applying perfume after a shower make sure to do it in the buff, you want the perfume to cling to your skin, not your clothes.

I know this all seems like a lot when written down, but when you actually put it to use it doesn't take too much time.

Do you have any great shower tips?  What are they?
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  1. I brush my teeth in the shower! Is that gross? Maybe a little heh

  2. These are awesome tips, i know i could add a step or 2 from these to my shower routine! Thanks for sharing

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  3. Great tips!! I always wash my body and shave while the conditioner is setting in. And then I wash my face (working it into my face for about a minute) as I rinse it all out. :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. i use conditioner as a shaving cream because it's way cheaper and my skin is so much smoother that way!


  5. Great tips!

    xo Franchesca


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