Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Post From My Bestie

So this week is sorority rush at my school.  From today until Sunday is going to be insane for me so I figured I would ask for a little help with blogging this week.  My best friend of forever was so sweet & wrote a post for me to share with all of you!  Shannon has the prettiest curly hair & she takes amazing care of it, & as someone with pin straight here I've always be in awe of her perfect ringlets.  Today she is going to share some curly hair care tips, which is perfect because this is something that I could not do!  Without any further ado here is Shannon:

Hello everyone! I am Kristin’s best friend! We have been friends since we were babies! 

Anyways she asked me to do a guest spot on her blog and I decided to give some insight on curly hair! I have been blessed with curly hair and have taken years to learn how to control it! The major key with curly hair is moisture moisture moisture! Especially in these dry winter months! I have tried endless products and have finally found some that work for me! I use Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner…it is super moisturizing and leaves my hair so soft! I also try not to wash my hair everyday…I used to think that doing that was gross but it has seriously saved my hair this year! I try to wash every two days or so! Right after a shower I love to use Aussie Leave in Conditioner to give my curls a little extra spritz of moisture, I then follow up using a wide toothcomb, and after that I use Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl. I then let my curls air dry to reduce frizz. On days where I don’t wash my hair, I tend to rock a top knot or pull my hair back into a low bun. I have also heard that sleeping with your hair on top of your head and spritzing it with some watered down conditioner in the morning can help reform your curls for another glamourous day! Having curly hair is something girls should be proud of! Hopefully these tips will help some of you girls! 

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A huge thank you to Shannon for doing this post for me!  I'm so glad that you could all 'meet' my bestie & I hope her great tips can help any of my curly haired readers.  Have a great day!
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  1. What a great idea! Shannon is so pretty! The dog is pretty cute too! :)


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