Sunday, June 30, 2013

What I Want Now: Pleated Maxi Skirt

Right now I'm obsessed with this Victoria's Secret Pleated Maxi Skirt.  I was clicking through's Love Her Outfit! when I saw the above photo of Alessandra Ambrosio & instantly fell in love with her skirt, it's chic, airy, & perfect for summer.  The thing that makes it even more perfect is its price, right now it is on sale for $55.60 (originally 69.50)!  The only problem is I can't decide what color to get it in since it comes in so many.  While I love the mint green I already have a lot of pieces in that color, which leaves me to decide between Powdered Peach (above), Diamond Rose (below), & Black (below).  If I wasn't a poor college student I would get all three, that's how much I like it.  I cannot wait until one of these is in my closet, there's so many pieces I can pair it with, & so many places I can wear it.  What are your thoughts on the skirt & what color would you get it in?


  1. So cute!! I love all the colors! I'd go with the green or black :)

  2. I was leaning towards the black since it will go with more, but now I'm definitely going to get it! Thank you!


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