Friday, June 28, 2013

What to Wear: Rainy Weekend at the Beach

I live at the Jersey Shore (where I live is nothing like that tacky show).  When I was checking out the weekend weather it showed that it will be warm & rainy all weekend.  For everyone that wants to go to the beach this weekend that is disappointing news.  The weekend forecast got me thinking of what to wear & what to do on rainy summer days.  When it rains in the summer, all the fun summer outdoor activities are eliminated, so one has to think of what they can do indoors.  During the daytime on a gloomy day one can run errands, grab lunch with friends, go to the movies, stay in & watch movies, paint pottery, bowl, craft, cook, & many other things.  I put together a rainy day outfit idea on Polyvore, for those casual days when you are doing any of the aforementioned activities.  I choose a light t-shirt, & soft denim cut offs to help remain cool & comfy.  The most important thing about dressing on a rainy day is to make sure your outfit helps you stay dry, & this outfit will certainly help with that.  It includes Hunter brand rain boots, which are huge among celebrities and fashionistas alike, as someone who owns a pair I will testify that they are great, & do exactly what they are supposed to do, I chose a gray color as it is a neutral & goes with a lot.  Next is The North Face rain jacket, this jacket will certainly keep you dry, & give a pop of color to your outfit.  Finally, an umbrella is a must have when it rains, bubble umbrellas, like the one pictured below, are the best umbrellas around, they are large so that they give you great coverage, but are see through so they do not impede your vision, & I think it makes for a chic rain accessory. 
Wildfox Couture Things I Love T-Shirt: $78.00,
Mavi Emily Mid Ripped Shorts: $46.00 (originally $78.00),
The North Face Jacket, Resolve Zip Up Waterproof Jacket in Ion Blue: $90,
Hunter Original in Graphite Hi Gloss: $140.00,
Bubble Umbrella: $18.00,

A great thing to do on a rainy night is to hit a bar with your friends, I created an outfit on Polyvore for such an occasion.  When going out in the summer I like to wear something easy & a romper is a great option.  The romper below is a great color, & has a sexy neckline, furthermore it's loose fitting, which will help you keep cool.  I love nude accessories because they go with everything.  Lately I have been obsessed with shoes with an ankle strap, the heels below are pretty & simple, & go well with the romper.  I like to carry a clutch at night that way I have all my essentials, but am not lugging around a big handbag, the one below compliments the shoes & has great stud detailing.  Gold jewelry goes well with the rest of the outfit's color scheme, in the summer I tend to stick to smaller jewelry because when I get hot bigger jewelry begins to annoy me, the pyramid earrings & ring match the studs on the bag, & really pull the outfit together.
Peach Mini Playsuit with Plunging Neckline: $52.00,
Steve Madden Marlenee Shoes in Fawn Patent: $100.00,
Aldo Change Tonal Stud Flap Clutch in Nude: $44.95,
14k Gold Earrings, 8mm Pyramid Stud Earrings: $400.000,
Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Double Band Square Stud Ring: $220.00,

Now that I've given you some activity & outfit ideas, what do you like to do & wear on rainy days & nights? 

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