Monday, July 17, 2017

Skincare 101: Pre and Post Botox

I started getting botox injections to help with my chronic migraines in February.  I now go every twelve weeks to get them as they've been a very successful treatment for me, which I am so thankful for.  Prior to my first experience with botox I didn't know that I was going to need to make skincare a top priority pre and post injections.  You need to do this because you cannot touch the injection sites (in my case the ones in my face are in my forehead and temples) with anything other then a very light touch for a few days after you get them.  I've now developed a whole routine that I do before and after I get injections to both prep my skin for it and carefully take care of my skin for a few days post treatment.  No matter the reason you get botox (health or cosmetic) you need to make taking care of your skin pre and post injections a priority too.  I've put together this post detailing my routine for everyone who gets botox to use next time they get injections. (If you want to learn more about botox check out articles here and here.) 

These are the steps I take after I remove my makeup.

I use an anti acne cleanser that detoxifies my pores.  Since I will need to be very gentle on my skin the next few days I want to make sure that my cleanser deeply cleans my skin and eliminates anything that might cause blemishes or clogged pores.

I typically exfoliate my skin three days a week, but this won't be possible in the week after botox.  The night before botox I use a strong chemical peel that removes all the dead skin from my face so that won't build up and cause acne or dull skin over that week.

I use these every night after cleansing.  They tone and exfoliate to reveal brighter, more even looking skin and give you that "glow" that everyone wants.

In this step you will use whatever treatments you use in your typical skincare regimen.  I use this oil which is a retinoid oil that moisturizes, shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles, calms redness, and improves skin smoothness.  I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since I started using it and I recommend checking it out (Pro Tip: Go to Sephora and ask for a sample of it!).

Keeping your skin hydrated is always important and the night before botox is no different.  I use this cream which provides a dose of high-potency, advanced vitamin C.  This vitamin C works to "visibly repair the effects of aging, environmental stress, and pollution-induced damage."  This moisturizer is high in antioxidants and will also help to brighten skin.

The products I use...
Since I used such a strong cleanser the previous night that could potentially dry out my skin I use a much gentler moisturizing cleanser the morning of my appointment.  I wash my face using my Clarisonic since I will not be able to use this for at least a week after the injections.  You cannot touch the injected areas for a few days in order to avoid spreading the botox to other muscles and since the Clarisonic uses sonic technology to really deeply clean your skin I personally like to wait at least seven days after my injections to use it again just to be safe.

You need to not only hydrate your skin, but make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF to protect it from the sun as well.  I use this lotion which is very moisturizing, but also lightweight.  It also contains vitamins and antioxidants to further protect and nourish skin all day, creating the perfect canvas for botox.

4. No Makeup
I don't wear makeup to my botox appointments and I recommend doing the same.  The sites of injection on your skin with be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, just like for any other injection, and it will remove your makeup.  Additionally, taking off your makeup that night will be difficult since you can't really put any pressure on your skin or rub your face.

The products I use...

I bring a facial spray with me to use after my appointment.  I do this because the alcohol they use to prep your skin for the injections is drying so I want to gently hydrate my skin.  I typically do a quick spritz of this when I get back to the car after the appointment.

The products I use...

I use the gentle cleanser mentioned above and wash the areas of my face that were not injected (the lower half of my face: cheeks, nose, chin) with my hands.

To cleanse the areas that were injected I use this micellar water.  I pump some of it onto a cotton pad and extremely gently (applying no pressure) wipe my forehead, temples, and between my brows.

I use the same toner pads as mentioned above.  For the areas that were injected I again extremely gently (applying no pressure) wipe over them.

Since rubbing alcohol was used to prep your skin from botox and that can be very drying it is really important to use a rich moisturizer to hydrate your skin.  I again use the same one I mentioned above because it does a great job of restoring moisture to my skin.  To apply it to the areas that were injected I am very, very gentle and do not use any pressure or massage it in.

The products I use...

My skin is very dry so I prefer to use micellar water in the morning, not to mention it is the best way to cleanse the injection sites post botox as you can do it extremely carefully.  I use the same one that I mentioned above.  For the areas that were injected I again extremely gently (applying no pressure) wipe over them.

I use the same toner pads as mentioned above.  For the areas that were injected I again extremely gently (applying no pressure) wipe over them.

I use the same moisturizer as mentioned above.  Again to apply it to the areas that were injected I am very, very gentle and do not use any pressure or massage it in.

The products I use...

I repeat the steps in "Night After Botox" and "Morning After Botox" for five to seven days just to be safe and not disrupt the botox.  One adjustment though is after the first night after botox I again include a treatment like this or this (or even both in combination) before moisturizing my skin.  I also make sure to be extra gentle with the injection sites during this entire time.

These are all of the steps that I take to care for my skin both before and after my botox appointments and I hope that if you decide to get the injections that you follow a similar routine.  Have you ever tried botox before?

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