Tuesday, April 4, 2017

D.I.Y. Unicorn Easter Wreath

I've been dying to make a tulle wreath for sometime now and I figured Easter was the perfect time to actually go for it.  When I went into this project I had a completely different method/design in mind to create this wreath, however I love what I landed up doing even more then what I originally wanted.  This wreath was a tad bit time consuming, but super easy to make (seriously anyone can do it!).  The great thing about this is that you can use any color tulle you want, which means it can be made for a variety of different holidays and events (I want to make a patriotic one for the summer!).  I chose to do this wreath in Easter Egg colors, but it also looks very "unicorn" to me too!  In my opinion you can leave this up all through spring, not just Easter, especially if you are making it as a unicorn wreath.  Scroll down to to learn and see how you can make an Unicorn Easter Wreath for yourself.

Disclaimer: My one big piece of advice when creating this is to not use glittery tulle to make this.  In my wreath the pink and blue tulles were both glittery and they created the biggest glitter mess I have ever seen.  When I was done making this wreath I was so covered in glitter that I had to take off my clothes and shower immediately because I was so itchy.  Needless to say I will never be using glitter tulle again!

-5 different colored rolls of 6 inch by 25 yard tulle 
(I used five different colors of tulle and you can always do less colors, but still make sure to get 5 rolls)

-Cut out 7 inch long pieces of tulle in each color (you will need 72 pieces of each color, if using five colors, and 360 pieces of tulle total).
-Tie tulle onto the wire frame in a knot, face the knot one way and the "fluffy" tulle the other way.  Pull apart the each piece of the "fluffy" side of the tulle so that it becomes larger.
-Alternate tulle colors on the wire, it helps to create a pattern for yourself to follow.  The wreath frame I used had 9 sections in total with 4 wires in each section, I created a pattern (seen in the images below) in which I used 2 pieces of each color tulle on each piece of wire and 40 pieces of tulle total for each section.
-Tie the different color tulle onto until the wire wreath frame following your pattern until the frame is completely full with it.
-Fluff together the "fluffy" side of the tulle so that it looks thick and full.
-Hang the wreath with the fluffy side facing out and the side with the knots toward the door.
~Use pictures for reference.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave them below or to email me!

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