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Smell Your Best with R¿iddle Oil

In my opinion smelling good is as important as looking good.  I mean have you ever seen someone that looks amazing, but then smells not so amazing?  It instantly ruins the look.  Did you know though that alcohol based scents (which most perfumes are) can easily evaporate, dry out skin, and cause skin irritations?  Did you also know that there is an alternative to conventional alcohol based scents?

R¿ddle Oil is a company based in California that creates scents that are made from essential oils and flower essences and are produced using a distillation process.  The scents they create are cruelty free, vegan, free of harmful chemicals and contain no carrier oils.  Their scented oils last longer, have a longer shelf life, are more moisturizing, and have fewer ingredients than alcohol based scents.  In addition to this, R¿ddle Oil's scents are hypoallergenic and safe for people who are sensitive and typically have allergic responses to perfume.

The sweet people over at R¿ddle Oil sent me several of their wonderful products to sample.  I've had so much fun over the last few weeks testing out their scents and even sharing them with my Mom to try too.  My Mom has difficulty holding a scent with traditional alcohol based perfumes and strongly prefers to use oils because they last significantly longer for her, so she was super excited to get to play with all the different R¿ddle Oil scents.  Below I am breaking down each scent for you.

Their original scent is non-scent, scent that enhances your natural scent for a smell that is "your skin, but better."  It is is made from amber resins and musky base notes and works with your body's heat and chemistry to create a scent unique to you.  In my opinion this scent is warm, inviting, and perfect for both people who love or don't love perfume.

This scent is spicy, sexy, and comforting.  It is subtle, but memorable at the same time.  It is rich yet delicate, and spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood, orchid oil, mango blossom, strawberries and vanilla come together to create this inviting scent.

This woody and green scent has a very clean feeling to it.  It is luxe and rich, while staying fresh at the same time.  This special blend contains green tea, lemon, bergamot, black tea, jasmine, hay, tonka bean, and sandalwood oils.

This is a floral is less overpowering than typical flowery perfumes.  I personally struggle with allergies when it comes to flower perfumes, however this does not irritate my sensitive nose at all.  It is both fresh and floral, and grass, fern, lemon, gardenia, red jasmine, musk and clove combine for an unexpectedly sweet scent.

Like with Eden, this oil is a floral scent that is less overpowering than typical flowery perfumes.  It also doesn't bother my allergies and actually comes together to create a bit of a fruity smell with a touch of flowers.  The notes in this oil are white peony, jasmine, tuberose, tamarind, arum lily, incense, sandalwood, and amber.

This is my absolute favorite scent in the collection and I tried this in a lotion, as well as the oil.  This sweet and fruity scent reminds me of a tropical getaway.  The fresh peach, pineapple, papaya, coconut milk, lilies and wild freesia come together to make everyday smell like you're on vacation.

I tried each scent in oil form and North Wind in the Spray Lotion too.  R¿ddle Oil lotion is made with nourishing organic aloe, emollient rich coconut and grapeseed oils, and moisture locking vegetable glycerin.  It deeply moisturizes, but is not greasy and leaves a lovely scent on your skin.  It is also important to layer the lotion under the oil in order to make the scent last even longer!  In addition to their oils and lotions, R¿ddle Oil has scents for men and a botanicals skincare line too.

Any of R¿ddle Oil's products would make a great gift (for friends, family, or even yourself!) and the lovely people at R¿ddle Oil were kind enough to give me a coupon code to share with all of you.  Just enter THEBLUSHBLONDE at checkout for 10% off your order and if you order before December 24th you'll be entered to win a $75 gift card!

*I was given the R¿ddle Oil products mentioned in this post to facilitate my review, however, as always opinions of these products are all my own!

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